Sunday, September 25, 2016

Slow Stitching

Slow stitching -- i.e. stitching by hand -- has had its own linky party over at Kathy's Quilts' weekly Slow Sunday Stitching post for several years. Although I won't be hand stitching until this evening I decided to participate. Since we moved 3 months ago I've been finishing some hand embroidery projects I found while everything was in chaos. (As in trying to find some place to put all of my quilting and paper craft supplies.)  I'm almost finished with this cute snowman from This and That. There's not much left to do so I may finish the handwork after tomorrow's group at the clubhouse.  He only needs a couple of polka dots, eyes, buttons and a star added.  

I'll still have to finish this as a little quilt.  It'll be ready to go by snow season.  Now to look for a cute holder as shown on the pattern.  

Once this is done I'll get to decide on what to work on next.  I have 2 quilts I'm hand quilting, a pillow that I'm doing sashimi stitching on, socks on the needles along with a UFO sweater, and winter is coming so I could knit the grands some hats.  Decisions, decisions.  I'll probably work on the sashiko because it'll only take me an hour or so to finish the handwork and then on to making a pillow cover.  

Take a look at Kathy's Quilts post today to see what type of handwork is being done today. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie  


  1. Sweet little snowman! Our first frost is expected tonight so I must bring in my Christmas cacti from the deck where they summer. Can snowflakes be far behind? Wheee!

  2. This is so sweet, Bonnie. You're almost done! How great to be ahead of the curve. :D

  3. While I haven't embroidered for ages, it is one slow stitching craft that I love.

    The snowman is adorable and the finished quilt will be, too.

  4. I judt love the snowman stitchery, you have quite a few projects in line to keep you busy till spring. Happy stitching.


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