Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday Meandering 12 - 26 - 2016

Did you make it through Christmas?  I'm happy to report I got all the presents, wrapped them and brought them to our family Christmas Celebration on Sunday.  It was wonderful to have all the kids and grandkids together. (And, better yet, I didn't have to cook!)  

Every year I make an ornament for the grands.  These cute Santas weren't the original plan but they did a great job being the back up plan.  Only issue is they are huge. 

Sophie agreed to sit next to their tree with the Santa hung close by.  Hum, I may try making smaller versions of this later.  Here's a link to the directions.

The hats shown here were a big hit.  Unfortunately, only Sophia's fit really well. Natalie's and Ellie's were a little small -- as in their ears weren't completely covered.  I may try making two more hats for them but I haven't decided yet.  They did love their colors and the tassles. 

The Hitchhiker scarf was finished but it isn't quite as long as it should be.  Hopefully Jenny will be able to wear it with her coats.   

Some goals last week got finished; others were let go for some other time. 

December 19, 2016
Cross stitch blech – postponed for another year
Continue quilting Christmas Favorites didn’t get to it
Wrap presents
Get last-minute shopping done
Enjoy Christmas with the kids and grands √√
Embroidery a gift

I didn't come up with a huge goal list for this last week of December.  I'd really like to get Christmas Favorites finished so maybe I'll really focus on that.  Time will tell. 

December 26, 2016
Continue quilting Christmas Favorites
Blog about year long goals for 2017
Knit on sweater

Clear off cutting table

I'm linking up with my two Monday linky parties Monday Making and Main Crush Monday.  And, now, I'm taking a nap.  My cold is lingering on.  I'm really tired of it. It was a busy weekend finishing everything for Christmas, singing at midnight services on Christmas eve and driving to Maryland and back Christmas Day to enjoy our family celebration.  We were out and about most of the morning today singing at a funeral.  I'm ready for a nap and down time for the rest of this week. (at least that is the plan!) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Bonnie, the santas are so cute. Made from a miniature log cabin block would be great. Hope you had a nice holiday.

  2. Love the ornaments and the scarf. My Hitchhiker scarves always "grow" in length when I block them.

  3. Love those little Santas. Sounds like a fun filled holiday. Hope you can fit in time for all of this week's goals.

  4. Regardinv the Santas - if the center square starts at 2" and the remaining one at 1" the Santa becomes smaller and cuter.

  5. Hi Bonnie, It sounds like you had a good Christmas. Maybe it's time to rest to get rid of that cold. Take care and all the best in 2017!


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