Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday Meandering 1 - 2 -- 2017

It's Rose Parade Day -- and I'm watching it while I try to get this written. At one time we lived in Pasadena where Pat was a member of the Tournament of Roses Association.  We maintained his membership for years but finally gave it up as we knew we wouldn't move back there.  But really it's fun to watch the parade each year and then later watch the Rose Bowl football game.  And we are routing for our alma mater, University of Southern California.  Go Trojans!  

Needless to say I should be doing hand work as I watch but that will wait for the game tonight.  Here's a few things I've been working on recently. 

These blocks are going to New Zealand where one of the members of FCQ EQuilters lives.  We are all former members of Faithful Circle Quilters in Maryland.  We each choose a block and the other gals make some and send them to us during our two month time.  I love making the blocks but, honestly, I don't need any more blocks. We've been adding members so we don't get blocks every year now.  I tend to keep mine for a while before I make them into quilts.  A lot of the blocks end up in quilts for charities. With the bigger group I don't have to make lots of additional blocks to get these quilts done. 

Cassie came to spend the New Year's holiday with us as Kevin and Aimee and the kids were off to the beach in Delaware. 

On to my weekly goal lists. I didn't do all that well on getting things done last week. 
December 26, 2016
Continue quilting Christmas Favorites√√
Blog about year-long goals for 2017√√
Knit on sweater never touched it
Clear off cutting table oops, a little was done but not enough!

And this week I have plans to get much more done. We'll see 
January 2, 2017
Try the 9” cube Go dies
Clear off cutting table
Pull out Gems – Red, White and Blue quilt and finish putting the rows together
Load charity quilt that Sharon and I made
Embroider snowflake on my sweatshirt
Plan or choose a seasonal wall hanging

That's it for me.  I'm linking up with Main Crush Monday and Monday Making.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 



  1. Too cold to do anything outside today, so I'm tidying my sewing room and preparing fabric to cut a quilt kit.

    Shoveled 6" of new snow this morning off the driveway and walk. That's 13" of snow since Christmas Day. At least I've had some exercise the last week.

  2. Sorry I have to cheer for Penn State! You have a lot of goals, but I know that you will get most always do!

  3. I have the 12 inch cube Go and wish I would have gotten the 9 inch as I think I would have used them more but I am finding some uses for them

  4. Those are great blocks you have there. I know what it's like to take on clearing up. I've been working on my sewing space because I got my husband to give me a long shelf...but I had to stop to get some sewing in or I would have gone crazy.

  5. Lovely blocks and oh my your header....the quilt to match the tree :)

  6. I watched it too!! My mom grew up down there and was in it once!! Yay!! LOVE your blocks -and your list - you can do it!

  7. Who is the pretty black dog? Looks much like my dearly departed Millie.

    Pamela in SOMD

    1. That's Kona, our dog, via our daughter. She's lived with us the last 5 years or so. Very shy girl.

  8. I completely spaced off the Rose Parade this year. DT and I usually watch it together. Good luck with your goals this week, hope you have lots of time for stitching.


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