Thursday, July 6, 2017

Acquisitions and Visitors

Last week I drove out to Kelly Ann's Quilting shop in Warrenton, Va. with a quilting buddy.  We had been the week before for a Accuquilt Go presentation. I had purchased a die that had to be ordered, hence the second trip to Kelly Ann's.  I've now got a 6.5" square die to add to my collection.  (Did I mention I also bought the kite die recently?)  And, we picked up the row by row instructions. Kelly Ann's is a cute shop with lots of fun fabric, some wools, patterns and a lot of Accuquilt dies.  (If you've never been to an Accuquilt presentation -- go.  You'll learn tips and techniques to get more out of your dies.) 

As we were walking back to the car after lunch I noticed this great mural on the side of a building. I haven't been able to find out much about it except it does represent Civil War times and the building is called the Mural Building. I like how the artist extended the picture with the trees and the look out. 

Do you know about Massdrop? It's an e commerce site where customers help decide what to buy and employees arrange the deals.  I don't buy a lot from them but when I do I generally choose items I need (or want) that provide a decent discount. I'm a member of the quilting community (which has recently added knitting items.)  My most recent purchase were these Presencia threads. 
The price seemed good to me especially considering the suggested retail price on Presencia's website.  I'm happy to see my thread bin has been replenished. Over the next few months I'll probably augment this with some brighter colors.  It's always nice to have a collection of colored threads when you need just the perfect color. 

Yesterday we had some visitors.  We'd planned to go to the pool but almost immediately upon arriving it started pouring rain.  (We needed it so we're happy to have the rain.) 
Theo, 9 months, after his nap.
Ellie, 3 1/2 years, after her nap.
I was pleasantly surprised how well both slept here.  The adults were able to enjoy some quiet time together on the deck. 

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday. Make sure you take a little time to enjoy the various blogs and inspiration. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Theo's feet are just screaming to be tickled and smothered in kisses. ;o)

    I love that mural and I'm thrilled you shared the photo. There's so much to look at and to study.

  2. Hope you are all set up for some fun stitching this weekend.


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