Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June OMG

After some consideration I decided to use a new quilt project as my OMG.  I'm giving Jamestown Landing a break.  Although the inner border will be easy I don't really like doing the string quilting for the outer border so I'm avoiding that mostly! (Some might call it procrastination.) 

It dawned on me some time on Sunday that the class I was leisurely getting ready for was actually 6 days away and I had to decide on my colors and start cutting like crazy.  I was thinking of using black and whites with a pop of color.   So I was ready to look for some sort of background fabric but spotted a very cool "celebration" fabric I had bought earlier this year for a project but found a better fabric.  The celebration print was staring at me from the shelf.  (Note lightbulb flashing above my head!) 

It led me to pull a ton of Moda Marbles, Kona solids, and other reads-as-solid fabrics.  See how great they look together....

The quilt is from Big Book of Strip Quilts published by That Patchwork Place.  There are 60 quilts that use 2.5" strips.  Someone in Country Piecemakers in Powhatan volunteered to run a one day class using Beachside Bungalow.  Honestly, I could do it myself but it will be more fun with friends I don't see all that often.

I decided to go the "cheap" way and purchase the electronic version of the book to read on my iPad.  I was hesitant to buy a quilting book for the Kindle app because I don't think I can print out the pages.  I did't think it would be all that convenient to have to keep referring to the tablet.  Except it hasn't been all that bad.  I'm still thinking there must be a way to print a few pages but I haven't spent much time on it yet.
Ok, my opinion is I don't think the quilt pictured is all that attractive.  But, my fabrics?  They are going to make that pattern shine like the top of the Chrysler building. (To quote "Annie.") 😁

Fast forward through the day and I've got about half of the fabric cut.  Unfortunately, strip piecing is not a part of the directions. And, I'm using fat quarters rather than a jelly roll.  I've been cutting a ton of 2.5" x 4.5" bricks and another ton of 2.5" squares.  I have at least another day of cutting to do.  Plus I really want to make some of the units before I go to the guild meeting and class on Saturday.  

So a long story to get to my June OMG: 
I will have the center pieces cut out and all the units made for the blocks.  
Now the truth of the matter is I'd really like to get all the blocks made but I have quite a few customer quilts to do this month so that might be more than I can accomplish. I call it being realistic! 

On to my hummingbird tale.  We've had our feeder up since early May when reports said that hummers were moving north.  We saw one or two early on but I haven't seen any for ages.  Pat and I were eating lunch on the back deck today and he saw a bird do a "fly-by" to check out the feeder.  I suspect she was hesitant to stop with us on the deck.  But yippee!  Tonight I saw one sitting on the feeder having dinner.  And, it wasn't the usual ruby throated hummer. Unfortunately this picture was taken through a fairly dirty window.  Sigh.... But I'm tickled to have a dinner guest!  Do you feed hummers? 

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 Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Bonnie, you can take a screen shot on your iPad of the page you want to print. On mine, I press the home button and the button at the top right corner of the iPad simultaneously to take a screenshot. That puts it in your photos, and from there you can print directly from your iPad if you have it linked to a WiFi printer in your home, or you can email the photo to yourself and print it from your computer that way. It's not going to be ideal if you're trying to print templates, because you'll have difficulty with scaling, but it would work perfectly well for printing out a rotary cutting chart or a couple pages of instructions that you'd like to refer to. I think that quilt will look fantastic in your brights and your Celebration print! Have a great time at class with your friends.

  2. Great fabric pull. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  3. Excellent fabrics for the quilt - bright and cheerful.

    You can create a PDF file of anything on the iPad. Go to the "send" button and select "Print", at this point you can scroll and decide which pages you want. Click on the blue check mark to deselect pages. Then instead of printing, pinch and pull on a page. Then send the PDF In an email to yourself.

  4. Nice fabric selection! They will look great in that pattern. Hummers! Yes, we feed them, we have one hummingbird feeder and have several flowers planted to attract them. It's always exciting to see them!

  5. Brights on black are always such a fantastic, dynamic combo. And I love that celebration fabric! So fun :)

  6. I agree - your choice of such beautiful and colorful fabrics will highlight this quilt! Great job of fabric selection!


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