Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday Meandering 9 - 24 - 2018

Boy did that week past quickly.  The highlight of my week was the Wacky Family Portrait class with Lisa Ellis.  Lisa is a great teacher and was so helpful to all of us. I chose to do pictures of all 4 of my grands.  So, much of the time I was perfecting each tracing and duplicating it on a fusible.  I also got all 16 pictures (4 of each grand) fused on to fabric.  I was only able to get the one of Theo actually cut out and ready to fuse to the backing fabric. Nope, I'm not fusing it to the background fabric until I can lay out all 16 background fabrics [yep, all different...] and decide where I'm placing all the pictures.
First up is the photo and drawing of Theo and then Ellie. 
I left off Theo's hands because I was hoping the arms would go off the background.  See below for more info on that. 
One of the things Lisa suggests is to simplify the picture.  That's why I'm not including the long hair down Ellie's face.  I sure wouldn't want to cut out that piece! And the dolls won't be included.  I may have to fuss with her arms a bit but I'll see how it goes. 

And here is one of Theo's "wacky" pictures. I will be going back to the drawing and copying his little hands and adding them. Hum, I wonder if I need to add the shorts.... he looks really long waisted here!  I will probably cut off some of each sleeve to make it work.  Aimee, his mom, thought it was terrific. (I do too!) 
Here's one of Lisa's samples: 
How fun is this!  She also has a different, easy way to finish the piece.  I'm looking forward to finishing this wall hanging.  It's so much fun to do! Below is  the little one Karen put together of her brother and his wife.  Except the picture is their engagement picture from years ago!  
There were several more "pictures" that I would have liked to snap photos of but just didn't get to it.  

So besides that how did I do on my goals this week? Not bad.  Didn't get them all done but I did get many of them done.

September 17, 2018
Prep class for this week!
Knit on Sock
Start sweater for Theo
Prep for mini demo on labels
Make a pillowcase?nah, didn’t happen, again! 

September 24, 2018
Cut a quilt for retreat 
Finish up sock
Knit on Theo’s sweater 
Make a pillowcase (well, it could happen, maybe) 

That's it for me today. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. What an interesting project! You did very well with your drawings; I'd never get past that stage.

  2. What a fun project. I love your version. Hugs

  3. Fabulous! That would be a fun class. Eager to see more of this project.

  4. What a neat technique! And so fun to use your grands. You'll capture a special time in their life as youngsters this way :)

  5. Very interesting! I look forward to seeing how your portraits turn out.

  6. How fun! Love that engagement photo reenactment(?).


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