Sunday, February 3, 2019

Monday Meandering and Thread Report

I'm way behind on some of my year end reports.  Today I'm sharing my Thread Report. Hum, it doesn't look as good as last year. Oh well.

Spools Used Up 

Not a great year for thread usage but not the worst. Some things to note.  Of the 7 bigger spools only two were long arm thread (the big white one in the center.) The broken one to the right was suppose to be for the long arm; but the cone fell apart. I used it for bobbin thread.  The rest of the top circle were larger spools.  The bottom row was the smaller spools of either cotton thread for piecing or possibly embroidery thread. Evidently I used up quite a few bobbins of Magna Glide too.  Odd that, because I don't use it all that much. 

Here's what I've been working on this week. 
This is the Calendar Challenge for Country Piecemakers guild.  For several years our challenge quilts have been hung at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show.  I've haven't  participated in the annual challenge for years.  But this year the topic grabbed me and I came up with an idea immediately.  Of course I didn't make it immediately but I am closing in on it. (It's due in 6 days. EEK!) So at the point this picture was taken I had figured out some of the main features and had them made.  The size is 20" x 20".  I am trying some mixed techniques on this.  The tree sections were paper pieced. They will be appliquéd down.  The window was done improv style.  I've got presents in the making that were also being done improv style. Cut sew, cut again as needed.  Some measuring but not all that much.  

I wanted to do this tree as a remembrance of Great Aunt Dora.  She would buy ornament kits and make all the family members beautiful Christmas balls usually with sequins and pins.  But one year I think she went into her costume jewelry and made strands of beads. It amazed me how these colorful beads reflected the light. We still put them on our small tree each year.
 Eventually, I'll have some balls and strands of beads on my tree.  The red sequins will be replaced with gold ones because that was all I could find. I've got my work cut out for me this week. Everything will be appliquéd down.  I may just big stitch around the elements and finish with a regular binding.  I may be finishing the binding at the meeting Saturday morning! 

These wonky star blocks are going to Pam an FCQ Equilter member.  She asked us to also send some extra fabric with the stars.  I made 5, although one is covered up.  It turns out I don't have that much in the way of red, white and blue fabric anymore. I keep using it up. Sigh.  One of these days I'll pick some more up as I use them fairly regularly. 

Northern Virginia has flown out of the ice box of last week.  It should be hitting 68 one day this week.  What a difference from the mid 20's most of this past week.  

On Wednesday, one of the coldest and windiest days, our electricity went out. And, our internet and our gas heater. It started when there was enough light to find the candles both electric and flame.  And, our gas fireplace worked surprisingly well.  We don't really use it but it kept our living room toasty warm. I used a variety of 

candles to give us enough light to see by.  Our dinner that was suppose to be baked became more like a stir fry. We were able to light our gas stove using a lighter.  3 or so hours later, as we were going to bed, the lights came on. YEA!  

Fast forward 4 days and about the same time the electricity went out again.  GOOD GRIEF. It was only out an hour to an hour and a half. Another dinner was in peril but we'd decided on fajitas on the grill so all was pretty easy.  We heard later that the outage was due to vehicle accident.  Enough of this excitement! 

Here's how I did on my goals this week. 
January 28, 2019
Finish sewing challenge project to background worked on but not finished 
Finish altering the last log cabin blocks
Bind the Turtle quilt
Mail the FCQ Equilter blocks√  blocks done but not mailed 
Quilt and Bind the heart table runner  didn’t even start 

And what I need to do this week.  Everything but the challenge quilt is negotiable!  I really need to have this thing done. 
February 4. 2019
Finish sewing challenge project
Make some Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks
Design labels for Virginia Star 
Work on dog tumbler top 

I'm linking up with these Linky Parties: Oh ScrapMonday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward.  You know the drill some won't be up yet so I'll check back and add the links as needed. Surprise, surprise.  I actually checked back earlier than I normally do and all is linked up now.  Enjoy reading what's going on around the internet. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Looks like you will be nose to the sewing machine this week. Good luck on your finish!

  2. I'm eager to see your wall hanging when it's finished in SIX days. Yikes, you'll be cutting it close!

  3. The patriotic stars are really nice. Sorry for the lights out, we have had that a time or two here at my home. Mostly due to transformers blowing. A bit of a pain sometimes. Good luck on the calendar project.

  4. Cute Christmas tree! I am relieved that our power stayed on during the polar vortex.

  5. 6 days! You are cutting it close, I am sure you are make something wonderful for the challenge. I enjoyed reading about your aunt. The stars are wonderful too. I am glad you had the gas fireplace to keep you warm. Hopefully all the outages are behind you now.


  6. Six days - when I first read it I saw six weeks! After reading it again I understand now why you are working so hard to finish your tree project. LOL Good luck!


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