Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hands 2 Help and Goals

Yep, I'm not getting my normal Monday morning blog done this week.  And, as you can tell it didn't come out Tuesday or Wednesday.  My retreat was awesome but I had a heck of a cold and that wasn't so much fun. I've spent the last three days lazing around.  I'm somewhat better so it's time to post my quilts heading out to the Sarah's selected charities. I showed both of these quilts earlier but wanted to get something out and I needed to link with Sarah's Hands 2 Help. 

First is the quilt going to Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project.  It's a queen size.  I've had it in my to be quilted closet for a while so I am thrilled it is done and going somewhere it can be used and enjoyed.  
Next up is a little quilt for Jack's Basket.  The inner "snowflake" block was made by a quilter who died before she could finish it.  What better way to remember her than by using her block as the beginning of a quilt.  It took me a long time to get the right combination of borders to make the quilt look wonderful but I'm so glad I persisted.  And, I found the perfect flannel backing fabric but I have no idea of when or where I acquired it.  Oh well.  Hopefully some little one will love to snuggle up with this quilt. 
I had hoped to make a few more quilts for Jack's Basket but this cold has drained all of my energy.  One hint is I didn't even blog this week.  I'm hoping I'll be energized soon and can share all my work I did at retreat.  My plan of bringing easy kits really worked well.  

I'm linking up with Sarah's Hands 2 Help final link up and Needle and Thread Thursday. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie


  1. Both quilts are wonderful and will be used and loved. I hope you shake the cold quickly and feel better soon.

  2. Beautiful quilts for donation. Sorry about the cold, that's just not fun at all. Hope you are feeling better and are back in the stitching groove.


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