Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday Meanderings 10 - 28 - 2019

October is about to wind down and I've got to get serious if I plan on making any Christmas presents this year.  And, I do have some plans to make gifts.  I have been trying to get a few quilts done this month.  I've quilted 3 tops and none of them have finished binding.  Tomorrow I will be binding like crazy -- I want some finishes this month.  

One thing I did finish was the block for Irma part of the FCQ Equilters.  She asked for the block "Antique Lace" from Missouri Star Quilt Shop. You can see the video here.  It is a huge block (16") and took me a day to complete.  Luckily we only had to make one since there are 9 of us in the group now.  

My turn starts on Nov. 1st through the end of December.  And, I've already picked out my block and my colors.  I'll share it with you once I make a sample.

I was poking around under my cutting table and "found" a ziplock full of churn dash blocks in R,W, & B.  I had completely forgotten about these -- I suspect they were from my last turn with FCQ Equilters.  And look at what a treasure I have. (Note: these were what I could fit on my design wall)  I'm planning on making a QOV with them.  
I'm thinking they need to be sashed so they don't run together so much. I'm not fond of sashing but sometimes blocks just need a little space of their own. Here's a little bit of sashing I laid out to see if I like it.  I do know I'll be using black sashing because I really want to use what I have on hand. I plan to have a 1" finished sash. What do you think?  

I've finally decided to give up on cleaning my cutting table.  I've got one rotary mat always clear and one that is piled up with stuff.  I keep putting the stuff away and more stuff seems to appear.  So I'm done listing and failing to get that clear.  (Hey, maybe reverse psychology will work and I'll get it cleaned up anyway! HA!!) 

My big plan (or goal) is to finish binding three quilts.  One is almost done.  The other two are in various stages but I will be doing machine binding on both sides of them.  Hopefully by Thursday they will be done and I'll be working on something else. Tune in next week to see if I succeed. 

I'm linking up with Oh Scrap, Monday Making, and Moving It Forward.  Spend some time to see what's going on across the Internet. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. good luck on making things for Christmas - I find the holidays stressful enough with out putting pressure on myself to make presents! LOL - but I know we are all different and some of us enjoy making presents - I think I would have to start doing that a year in advance and never think of it early enough

  2. The Antique Lace block is beautiful. Keeping the HSTs going the right way would be a challenge. Love all the churndash blocks.

  3. They are really attractive. You could almost make two QOV if the sashing was wide. I agree, they need something between all the colors.

  4. The thin black sashing will look great with the churndashes. What a treasure trove you found :)

  5. That Antique Lace block is a beauty! Great job working on those found QOV blocks. I have some hiding that need to see the light.

  6. That's going to make a lovely QOV. Lucky thing you "found" those blocks!!

  7. Antique Lace is beautiful - but i so love love love those patriotic blocks!!!

  8. The antique lace block turned out beautifully. Those RWB blocks are quite a find. Those will make a great QOV. Hopefully you got lots of binding done before calendar turned over to November.

  9. Catching up with your posts: so glad you rediscovered the churn dash blocks. Just right for QOV. How does your block exchange/swap work? (Birthday month or something like that?)


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