Monday, November 4, 2019

Monday Meanderings 11 - 4 - 2019

October was spent in a determined effort to finish off a few quilts.  I actually quilted 3 smaller quilts, one was a donation quilt made by someone else.  But here are the other two.  No, not big quilts at all but DONE quilts! 

First up is what I'm calling Stripes.  Many of the blocks came from an opportunity block drawing I won several years ago. I made a block like the top left one but in pinks and purples.  When I got the bocks I had the center row of blocks and the bottom center and right blocks.  That pink and purple thing did not look good with them.  So I made the brown and stripe star.  Then made the other two on the top row and the bottom left one to make enough blocks for a small lap quilt.  

Quilt design is Ariana using So Fine  437, teal.  40.5" x 43". 

When one of our Powhatan guild members died her daughter (also a guild member) was trying to give away some of her fabrics and works in progress.  I took the 5 blocks with the darker prints in them.  I added the Ohio Stars. I think there was one more block but I took it apart to have the dark centers on the top and bottom border.  I don't often work in pink so this was a lot of fun to play with pink! 

Quilt design is a basic stipple.  Thread is So Fine 518 which is a pale green.  The backing was an aqua piece I bought last year and was tickled to find a good use for it. 

Both of these will be donated. The top one will go up to Faithful Circle Quilters for where ever they choose to send it.  The bottom one will go down to Powhatan to give to a senior citizens home.  (Just think of it as one senior sharing with another senior!) 

Here's where I'm linking up with today: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, and What I Made Monday. I'm off to spend some time surfing the quilting world on the World Wide Web. Hope you can too. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I especially like the bottom quilt and how you incorporated the orphan blocks.

  2. I like the Ohio Stars + hourglass nine-patch combination. Hooray for finishes!

  3. These are fun pieces! I especially like the blue and brown one with so many different blocks :)

  4. Hi Bonnie, come surf on the web for Free Motion Mavericks and link up to the party. Those are really cute quilts.


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