Sunday, January 26, 2020

Monday Meandering 1 - 27 - 2020

After a great sewing weekend with Sharon I made it home safely after the 5 hour drive.  I was home by 2:30 totally exhausted.  I was sound a sleep on the couch by 3:30 -- and didn't wake up until 5! 

I'm still sharing things I made for the grand's Christmas presents.  Here's one of the big presents for Ellie and her doll.  (Her name escapes me at the moment...)  For the last year Ellie has been asking me for a wedding dress for her doll.  EEK! A WEDDING dress??  Yep.  And I made it for her! Here are a few pictures... 
Dress in process.  (My spray bottle made a great dress form!) 
Finished wedding dress in the wardrobe Pat made for Ellie
Here's the wardrobe loaded up Christmas afternoon.  I'm sure she's hung a lot more clothes in there now. 
For some reason, this year I made way more than I usually do for the grands.  One of the things I made was a sports bag tag for Sophie and Natalie.  
Front of the baseball tag for Sophie's new sports bag.

Bag Tag Gone Wrong.  Notice where the tag is suppose to be sliced open to put the clip in. The sad thing is it didn't show up on the instructions with the cut area to the side.... it was perfectly lined up for the top.  My guess is the embroidery design was changed after the directions were written. Sigh. Needless to say I made another one.  These are made with marine vinyl.  

I wanted to share more photos from our vacation.  We were on an cruise that stopped at Aruba; Curaçao; Cartagena, Columbia; Panama Canal and Costa Rica.  The only stop we didn't have an excursion was Aruba.  We left the ship and walked around town a bit.  This was what we saw as we were leaving the dock. Looks good to me! 

One thing we saw was this National Archeological Museum of Aruba.  It was interesting to see how people lived on the island through history.  I'm not sure what the blue horse was all about but I had to get a picture.  The museum was housed in the green building.  It was bigger than that building hints at. 

We ended up at a bar that had WiFi.  (Unlike other cruises we've been on this one did not offer free WiFi -- even though we did have a suite. Sigh.)  We enjoyed ourselves just watching the main street.  Unfortunately, I don't like beer so I had soda water, which I do like.  Lots of bubbles but no sugar or caffeine.
I'll continue to share photos of the trip over the next few posts.  Knowing me and the fact I'm trying to get a top quilted before January is gone AND I have a challenge quilt that must be done by Feb 8th I'll probably only post on Mondays.  I'd like to get back in the habit of posting twice or three times a week but don't hold your breath.  

I'm linking with my favorite Monday Linky Parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making and Design Wall Monday. (Design Wall Monday will be added once it goes live AND I remember to do it!) 

I'm calling it quits tonight.  Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. haven't been on a cruise in a long time at way back then we didn't even use our cell phones because of extra cost and would use the ships wifi only once half way through the trip because of the expense - how things have changed!

  2. Great gifts and keep sharing those vacation pictures! I can travel vicariously thru you. LOL!

  3. A wedding dress AND a wardrobe - a little girl's dream come true!

  4. I love making doll clothes! What a sweet wedding dress.

  5. I bet the wedding dress was a well received, it's perfectly floaty and pretty. Looks like you had a sun filled vacation. Hopefully you met your January deadline and are well on your way to completing the project that's due in February.


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