Thursday, March 5, 2020

Design Wall Going to the Dogs

What can I say.  The dog blocks are taking over.  Next up, making the 3 block units.  I'll probably get that done next week. I have to have it done by the 3rd weekend of March. (Yep, about 2 weeks from now!) 

So, I am admitting now that I'm NOT succeeding on the goal to have this as a top this week.  I've been goofing off a lot this week.  Here's a peek at my haul from our trip to Richmond on Tuesday (one of my goof offs!). Here are new fabrics purchased Thursday at the quilt show and now from the road trip.   This isn't all, it's what I had upstairs when I took this picture.) 

The bottom four pieces are batik fat quarters.  There were some dark ones already put with the other fabrics.  They are going to be part of a sampler quilt. I'll share more about these once I get more than 4 blocks done. 

The bottom green, purple and dark blue are dimples that were on sale at Quilters Corner in Midlothian.  I bought these just because I liked them.  Although, the bottom green didn't look so olive as it does in the pic. The upper green is a solid that will go with a dinosaur fabric I bought last year. The lighter blue also goes with the dinosaur fabric.  I keep buying fabric that I can make charity quilts from.  This time I didn't have enough go with fabrics.  So now I don't have any excuses!  Stay tune -- one of these days you'll be seeing a dinosaur quilt with orange, green and blue go with fabrics! 

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday, Can I Get a Whoop Whoop, and Finished or Not Friday.  I'll link up to the other two when the blogs are up and I have a minute or two.  I haven' posted a non-Monday blog in a long time. I'd like to post more blogs each week. How about if I strive for 1 extra a week? We'll see whether I can have any success with that.  Spend some time reading what's going on all over the quilter's part of the internet this weekend. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. That is a lot of dog blocks! Now I'm curious to see what your layout will be.

  2. Goofing off is great - but get to work on the dogs!! ha ha - I really like how that is coming together!! and of course... I am a dog person!! Have fun!

  3. Oo, pretty new fabrics! Very productive goofing off, if you spent the time acquiring stash :)


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