Monday, December 21, 2020

Monday Meandering 12 - 21 - 2020

Not much is getting done on the piecing and quilting side but I am making some progress on Christmas preparations.  Here's what I hoped to get done last week. . . 


Finish Christmas ornaments✔️

Wrap presents✔️ Most that have arrived and those I needed to pass on Sunday were done.

Finish adding coping strips ✔️ - 2 columns are sewn together - 1 to go 

Make scarf to go with doll hat✔️I had to find the right clothes for my Kit doll to do a glamor shot to show off the scarf & hat I made as a Christmas present for one of my grands. In hindsight I would have made the scarf a bit wider and less long. 

Write & Mail Christmas cards✔️

And now, goals for the last full week of 2020 . . . 


T Shirt Quilt - add the coping strips to the last column, get vertical sashing strips on

Make blocks for FCQ Equilter

Try to finish hand quilting on very old Christmas quilt

Make more blocks for 2019 BOM quilt 

Quilt and bind one of my quilts

Are you having delays receiving mail and packages from all the major delivery services? We are. As most people have this year, we ordered most presents online. Some presents were ordered early, others not so early.  We've got a list and are checking it twice multiple times to make sure everything we ordered comes in.  So far way too many items haven't arrived. 

But enough arrived to allow us a quick meet up with our son to pass along some of the presents for his family.  The ten of us are tentatively planning an outdoor get together after Christmas to swap and open Christmas presents.  Hopefully, later in the week but it will all depend on the weather.  It would be pretty uncomfortable to sit outside at 40 degrees and rain. 

I finished these socks a few weeks ago but didn't get a picture of them until recently.  These were in the group of presents passed off to Kevin.  (I'm not admitting who is getting them...) But I really love the color.  

I'm ready to get my day going.  I have some last minute local shopping to do. And, then on to the items on the goals list.  I'd really like to get the T shirt quilt together (sans borders) so I can put some other blocks up that I'd like to get to top stage soon. 

Linking up to my regular parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and To Do Tuesday.  I'll really try to remember to link up on Tuesday -- I noticed I failed to last week.  Sigh! Yea!  I remembered to link up to To Do Tuesday! 

Wishing all who celebrate a Happy Christmas Holiday.  

Happy Quilting! Bonnie 


  1. Well, look at all those green check marks! You have an ambitious list for this week. Without the customary Christmas-week travel and errands/chores, there is more time to putter around the studio. Our family gifts are from Burger's Smokehouse in Missouri -- when I placed the order in late November I was in such a hurry that I clicked "ship now" rather than "ship for Christmas." In retrospect that was a good mistake because those shipments could well held up right now. [And the recipients have acknowledge the delivery.]

  2. Good Morning Bonnie, I made a mistake this morning and touched the wrong button on my phone and deleted your nice comment on Design Wall Mondays. Ugh, please comment againn and I will hit the publish button . I hope the receiver of the ourple socks likes them as much as I do - they are wonderful. Hugs, Judy

  3. I ordered some yarn in late November and it was sent my way (First Class) on December 2.I still haven’t received it and the tracking info doesn’t show where it is located. I’ll wait until after Christmas to pursue info because I know the postal service is swamped. Love the purple socks!

  4. loving those gorgeous socks...i have a few pair my mother made for me...but i always want more...LOL...i have gifts somewhere in the travel loop as seems to be stuck in hagerstown...heck i could drive there and back in half a day to get it...

  5. Love the socks! I would have had a hard time giving those away. Yes, we're seeing serious delays in shipping, too. Even FedEx is slow this year. I shipped a quilt from Virginia to Texas via USPS priority mail and it took 3 weeks! I thought that one was a goner.

  6. Beautiful socks!!! Yep, shipping is slow most everywhere. I hope the presents I shipped get there in time.

  7. The socks are a great color, very vivid. They should be appreciated by whoever is getting them. I shopped early for the most part, but still have one present that hasn't shown up as yet. It's for the SIT. If it doesn't come for Christmas, I'll give it to her for her birthday next month. Good luck with your to do list this week. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  8. Hi Bonnie! I am having a huge delay on some of our shopping items. I ordered something on 12/10 - it said it would be delivered 12/22 and it's still not here. No updates on the website - I'm not sure what the heck I should or can do about it. Fabulous socks!! They look so nice and colorful and comfy warm. I wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays. Thank you for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne


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