Sunday, December 13, 2020

Monday Meanderings 12 - 14 2020

It was a good week for getting things done for me. You'll see by looking at my goals list. I didn't finish everything but I made superb progress. 

First up -- last weeks goals. 


Sew label on farm quilt✔️ See my post here. 

Sew coping strips on all t shirts 2/3 done 

Get grand kids ornaments done 2 out of 4 done

          Here are some samples...

First try.  Oops the stabilizer didn't tear out like it should have. 

Here are two finished (but I forgot the hangers...)And several more ready to be made. 

And the back needed a date

(and back to the rest of the goals....) 

Order some more presents✔️

Knit on a doll hat✔️

And this week it's more about finishing Christmas things. And, if I decide to go wild, I will play with one of the quilts currently waiting to be finished. I really need to finish a quilt or two this month!  


Finish Christmas ornaments

Wrap presents

Finish adding coping strips on t shirt quilt (I'm really hoping to have the top done except for the borders.) 

Make scarf to go with doll hat

Write & mail Christmas cards

I'm hoping I will have some play time too.  

And now, a Public Service Announcement! 

While putting the date on the back of my Gingerbread Men I used a Frixon pen to draw a line on the back of the felt.  On the first one it was a very small line. It came off completely when ironed. I kept marking the line on each of the felts I used. Unfortunately, the bright cinnamon felt must have been a different fiber content. You can see the lines on the picture below. The red Frixon left a light line. (Note to self, use a different pen and don't make the line too long!)  I usually only use Frixon pens where any residual line wouldn't make a difference but obviously I totally forgot! 

And, now it's time for me to finish this up! But first, here are the linky parties.  Give them a look and see what's going on around the internet. Oh Scrap!, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and on Tuesday -- To Do Tuesday. (I'll link up all the others after they post.) 

By the way, do you realize it is only 14 days til Christmas.  WHAAATTTTT? 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Those gingerbread men are so cute! Love the masks! I have never had any problems with the Frixion pens until just last week. I was using it to draw a small embroidery design on a dark green scrap, and when I ironed it, it left a white mark. I was surprised to see that!

  2. Who was that masked gingerbread man? LOL. A great memento of this year.

  3. The ornaments are perfect to commemorate this year!

  4. Cute gingerbread men!!! And the line with the Frixion pen is just a testament to 2020!

  5. Love the little face masks on the gingerbread people. Very cute!


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