Sunday, April 4, 2021

Monday Meandering 4 - 5 - 2021


Last Saturday in Nags Head we saw our daughter Jenny and her family.  She gave me this bag that she said held my fabrics.  Neither of us has any recollection of why I'd given her the fabrics.  But when I opened the bag I was tickled to have them back. 

The pile on the left is mostly 1/2 yard pieces of grey  The pile on the right are mostly fat quarters.  And the piece in the middle is 1.5 yards of a luscious light blue that this photo doesn't do justice to.  Welcome back fabrics!  (I've already used one of the blues working on my RSC block.)

Have you seen Preeti's Picket Star block and quilts at  She has made three quilts with the blocks. Here's a link to her block tutorial and one to two quilts.   If you scroll down to the comments you'll see my comment asking her about how she chose her colors and her answer.  (Just in case you want to make your own version!) 

You might be wondering why I am sharing all this info about this block.  Let me tell you!  It's my turn to ask my fellow FCQ EQuilters to make blocks for me and send them here.  OOOH it's always fun to get mail from them.  I'm asking them to make this block.  I also shared pictures of colors I'd like them in and Preeti's rational about how she chose her colors. I'll share some of my fabric pulls one of these days and when I start getting my blocks in. It's a big ask but I'm betting these gals are up to the challenge. 

Now to share my goal successes! 


Quilt and bind another quilt☑️ Hopefully I'll share it Friday.

Make and apply binding for my quilt ☑️ You can see it here

Cut out a couple more r, w, & b Ohio Stars ☑️ Finished 2 blocks, 1 more left. 

Figure out more dog fabric for tumbler quilt. ☑️ Finished!

I did finish the last row for the dog tumbler quilt. I asked a friend if she had some dog fabric and she came through with 3. One I had. One I used and one I really think had mice on it. I'm ready to start ironing the rows and sewing them together. 

And now for this week I've picked 5 goals.  Hopefully I'll get them all done. 


Cut and sew flowers & 9 patches (You might remember the 9 patches from here). 

Make last R,W, & B Ohio Star block.

Put together 1 Happy Block Quilt from FCQ Equilter’s blocks from my last turn.

Quilt Customer’s Table Runner.

Work on doggy tumbler.

That's it for today.  I'm linking up with my favorite parties as they become available: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and To Do Tuesday.  Take some time to do some surfing -- the weather is going to be great here so I'll be surfing too.

;-). (Just one is up Sunday night, I'll add them tomorrow.) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie  


  1. Thanks for the link to the block tutorial. I was pleasantly surprised at how it is constructed and how large it is. I’m curious to see the blocks that you receive.

  2. Oh my--I recognize that green "crystal" fabric! It's decades old, isn't it? I have that green, as well as the brown:

    I'm pretty sure I bought them both when I first started quilting, roughly 20 years ago. I'm still trying to use them up!


  3. nice baggie of stash....that middle blue is perfect for my 'alaska' project...LOL

  4. I love that Preeti's Picket Star block, and it's a great idea to make it a guild project. Cute dog prints too ;)

  5. The Picket Star is so pretty! I have had that tutorial saved for quite a while and am so tempted to start making them now.

  6. Stash goes and then it comes back! I have admired Picket Star. I look forward to seeing how yours turns out.

  7. What a pretty block! I love the two tone colors you used. Too bad I don't have EQ.

  8. Wonderful job on your successes, Bonnie and what a pretty block. So glad you have a bag of fun fabrics to play with . Happy quilting and have a lovely week.

  9. You make me proud, Ms. Bonnie!!! Love your color combination - you got it. I am sure I have some dog fabric too. Let me know if you need more :-)

  10. Squirrel!! I checked out Preeti's Picket Star block and quilts. Very pretty - BIG block! Should be a fun quilt to make. If you want to sneak a cat in for the dogs to chase let me know (lol), I have lots of cat fabrics.

  11. Thanks for posting the link for Preeti's Picket Star block! Looking forward to your dog tumbler quilt!

  12. That block is great. Thanks for sharing the links.

  13. Hi Bonnie! Beautiful weather here, too, for the past couple of days! Has that big tree on your header bloomed yet? All our daffodils and forsythia bloomed her overnight, with the warm weather! Now on to quilting. It's fun to rediscover beloved fabrics! Let me know if you'd like some more dog prints. It looks like the Creative Stitches website is up again, of sorts. I'll be checking out the list of yours that you sent. Thanks!!!

  14. Pretti's Picket Star blocks will be a great group project. It's on my to make list too. Congrats on all the progress with your to do list. Hope you've checked off most of this week's list.


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