Sunday, May 14, 2023

Monday Meanderings 5 - 15 - 2023

Before I tell you about my goals let me just say -- I read 5 books this past week.  So, no, my goals got shunted to the side for the most part.  And, the bigger announcement is Ruthie, the long arm, came home on Saturday!  Whoop! Whoop!  And there went the rest of the goals for the week. Except the one I did get a good start on. Let's take a look. 

👎🏼 Start working on APQ’s UFO challenge - mine is a small wall hanging that needs a border, quilting and binding

✅ Make various blocks to donate -- not finished but some are done, more to come

👎🏼 Continue to make Flower Song Blocks 

👎🏼 Start fusing and trimming  tee shirts for a quilt

Cynthia who blogs at Quilting Is More Fun than Housework has been collecting blocks to make into compassion quilts.  You can read more about the project here and get directions for the blocks. Yes, you get a choice.  I'm glad I posted the link here as I reread the info and realize I don't have to make these three as one block. I think I see some more 4 patches in my future. This drive ends with the end of the month.  I'm slow getting going but I hope to finish several more before I mail them to Cynthia.  

I also made at lease one more block (with one more cut out) to send to the FCQ Equilter this round. She asked for 9 patches for either children or veterans.  I'm making some of both types.  It was fun diving into my fun children's prints again. 

Hopefully both of these will go in the mail this week. 

And here's the plan for this coming week.  Maybe I'll spend more time in the studio playing rather than laying on the couch and reading! 


Quilt two tops

Make blocks for BOM for guild

Start fusing and trimming  tee shirts for a quilt

Put border on the UFO

*** Oops! I forgot we have a big rehearsal Friday night and the concert and dinner Saturday.  So I may have listed way more projects than I can reasonably do.  I'll let you know next week if I come close to succeeding.

So here's a shot of Ruthie as I was getting a quilt loaded. ( Yep, I realize I don't have any batting there...I'll get it on tomorrow! Just wanted to include a colorful quilt.) I finished a small one today.  Hubby had to do a little maintenance so things didn't knock and ping. He switched how some bolts were placed in the rails which took care of the noise/problem. 

She's been gone for two and a half months. I forgot nearly everything on how to run her! Biggest issue was the password to get into the computer running the electronics for the quilting design. Phew, my first guess was the correct one. Here's a peak at the first top I finished. It's called Sheep in Boots based on the main fabric. I'll show the whole quilt in a week or two -- once I get the binding on. (During that 2.5 month without my long arm I finished 4 tops, two of which I started and finished. Along with blocks for various projects.)

I had a very nice Mother's Day.  My daughter-in-law and the kids made a wonderful candle for me.  But I was laughing my head off when I opened the box.  Here's what was in it. 

Yep, there were two rolls of toilet paper included.  Once I finished laughing I realized it made a lot of sense as the TP rolls prevented the candle from moving around in shipping. Theo and Ellie colored the hedgehogs as book marks for me.  They included a really cute otter card which I assume they picked because of the great day we had looking for the otter statues around Fredericksburg in the fall.  

They also sent this lovely floral arrangement. I love getting flowers and really didn't think I needed any more after the candle and goodies. But I was happy to receive these flowers first thing on Friday morning. I usually take really good care of any flowers that come in by changing the water every couple of days and putting a special powder in that prolongs the blooms. If I'm lucky I'll have these for 2 weeks, hopefully longer. 

I'm calling it done for this post.  I'll link up to my regular Linky parties. Please join me on checking out what folks are working on these days. 

I realize I failed to blog about Mystery Quilts and Quilt Alongs at the beginning of the month. (I blame it on traveling. Ok, you don't have to believe that I just kept forgetting.) I'll post it Wednesday.  Take a look if you want to know about new opportunities. 

I hope you had a happy Mother's Day.

Happy Quilting All -- Bonnie  


  1. so glad you finally got your machine back! that is good news for you now you can get busy quilting again - neat present - I would have been puzzled by the toilet paper :)

  2. You got a pretty but useful gift, LOL. Beautiful flowers also. So glad Ruthie is back and getting to work!

  3. Better to get TP than a bunch of packing peanuts! What five books did you read? asks the librarian. :) So nice to have Ruthie back in action! Have a great week.

  4. I'm sure you are really happy to have Ruthie back finally. Your family really did a great job with the Mother's Day flowers and candle. And toilet paper is a very clever packing idea.

  5. Welcome home, Ruthie! You’ve been missed, but now it’s time to behave yourself and get to work for Bonnie.

  6. How kind you are, Bonnie, to be helping Cynthia with that wonderful project. Lovely blocks as always. I absolutely adore what you received for Mother's Day. Very special and have fun reacquainting yourself with Ruthie.

  7. Happy Ruthie has made her way back home! Never thought as TP as a shipping filler but will try to remember it! Thanks for sharing this tip!

  8. Hooray Ruthie is back home!!! WOW 5 books read during a week, you sure are a bookworm. (LOL)

  9. Yay for Ruthie - she's pretty! Glad you guessed right on the password. Reading on the sofa is the best. I like the peek at Sheep in Boots. Beautiful flowers and a lovely handmade candle with a "bonus" - sounds like a great day!

  10. I'm always curious about what you've been reading, too! And hooray for getting Ruthie back, too. I imagine you'll be on a finishing frenzy now. Beautiful flowers - and so thoughtful!

  11. Hi Bonnie. My long arm hasn't been gone but I get very intimidated by her since when I go for a few weeks between quilts. So.... I have about half dozen quilt tops that need to be quilted from my APQ list (plus a few extras). I plan on having a marathon week starting with watching YouTube videos. My male cat Simba thought he should bring me the thread from my machine to the kitchen. Needless to say, I have to rethread the darn thing. I love your churn dash blocks. They are so pretty. Good luck this week on your list. Just remember, they are options not a must get done.

  12. I love your Churn Blocks! You inspired me how to make my Dad a patriotic quilt. Thank you!
    Congratulations on getting your longarm, Ruthie, back
    Such ingenious packing from your daughter-in-law! Such sweet gifts as well!

  13. Yay for your longarm back!! and those churns - LOVELY!!!

  14. Five books! I haven't done that since I was a teen! Oh that sounds glorious!
    Glad you have your machine back! Happy quilting away!

  15. What a wonderful...and funny surprise, but hey, that worked well! The flowers are lovely. I know you are so happy to have your longarm back. The churn dash blocks are one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing with us at MM.

  16. Hurray for Ruthie coming home Bonnie. Bet that means you will have a hard time staying out of the studio this week. What lovely gifts and flowers. I giggled over the TP rolls, but they do make perfect sense. Your Churn Blocks are winners. I love the colours. I do hope you had a good week this week. Thank you for linking with TDT.


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