Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apple Pie Day!

Sunday was Apple Pie Day -- or at least my first apple pie day.  I used golden delicious and granny smith apples to make 2 pies.  One was shared at a party in the neighborhood.  The other one is living in the refrigerator as I type. I need to look at my crumb top as it is getting too stiff.  (Can crumbs get too stiff?) I think I let the butter get too soft.  Next time I'll try to pay more attention to that. 

I've finished the Quilts for Kids quilt.  It will go into the washer after I take my shower.  (no need to deplete my water pressure.) 

Today's Plans:

Million Piece blocks going into rows, still. They will be my ender project. 

1800 quilt will be my main project -- need to get the blocks together into a top. 

Finished hand quilting the Irish Chain -- will need to prep binding and get that sewn on by machine. 

A Back Burner Project -- an old applique of a girl holding a dog.  I batted it up years ago but never quilted it.  I've decided to make it bigger so I can donate it to my guild to use as a charity quilt.  I've bought fabric for a smaller border and then a larger border.  Perhaps something will be done on that. 

Honestly, that is MORE than enough to do in a day.  It'll probably take me all week to get all that stuff done!  I'm hoping for some good finishes this month as I have been buying fabric! Well, only 2 1/4 yards but if I don't have a decent finish that will put me over on the incoming fabric.  The plan is to USE more fabric than I buy or acquire.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. WOAH! I need to get my butt down to Powhatan!

  2. Of course those are Washington apples!!!!

  3. I can't wait to see your 1800's mini quilt. I still have my second one to put together (the one I get to keep). That is one of my favorite patterns!


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