Tuesday, September 28, 2010

grumble, grumble... I missed it

I had decided to do Monday postings of what was on the design wall and link to Judy's site.  But Blogger wasn't cooperating.  I never came back after the morning tries to get on.  So, a day late and a dollar short here's what is on the design wall. (although now it is moved to the design sofa??) 
Over at Mysteries for Relay it was a mystery weekend.  We voted on having a table runner.  I really enjoyed working on this smaller project.  When finished it will be going to a newly wed couple.  I'm hoping to put some Halloween fabric on the back so both sides can be put to use.  I believe Marge called it Duck, Duck Goose based on the block names. 

The next mystery is in November and should be lap quilt size.  If you have never done a mystery Marge writes the best mysteries. She gives them as a way to thank folks for making donations to her fund raising efforts for cancer research. Many of the quilts I've finished over the last year or two have been her mysteries.  (And, yes I also have a few unfinished mysteries but they are being worked on.) 

Today's plans center on getting ready to go to a quilt retreat.  I need to review my projects.  I think I'll take more than I think I can make just to have variety to choose from.   And, everyone suggests precutting the fabrics and making kits -- ready to sew. 

So far I think I'm taking: 

  • Trip Around the World -- started at least 4 years ago but still need to sew the strips together before I can start cutting strata. Queen size may take forever to get these strips together because I get bored with it pretty easily. 
  • Carolina Christmas -- started last year as a mystery quilt on Quiltville.com.  I forget what clue I'm up to but I know I quit working on it when I ran out of pieces that were cut and the move loomed.  So, the pieces need to be cut for this one. 
  • Magic 9 Patch -- I have a set of these blocks from a guild swap this past May.  They would be easy to cut and plan the design before I go.  I could organize them and then just sew them together... sounds like an easy project. 
  • And now indecision... do I take my wild dogs and finish the machine applique?  Do I take a paper pieced set of blocks I won YEARS ago? Or what about those bowtie blocks that were on the design wall last week?  I'm still trying to figure out how to place them.  Seeing the picture on my blog made me realize there were some problems with the color placements.  Decisions, decisions. 
I need to make some decisions and cut some fabric. I wonder if I should allow myself to start a new project too? I guess if all the fabric comes from stash that would work... hum. Where is that Terry Atkinson book? And, was this the book that has the quilt I wanted to do? 

I also need to get some groceries in the house and run some errands.  I've got a bunch of blocks to send to Beth for the Faithful Circle Equilters group.  I went wild making these little blocks -- I've done something like 25 of them. The library is calling my name.  Busy day planned and I hope I actually get into the studio to do some cutting. 

It's time to get going this morning.  Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Your mystery group you are in sounds fun and I am sure the lucky couple will love your table runner.

    You have alot of fun things planned for your retreat...enjoy!

  2. Oh, I love the table runner! Now I can't wait to get to working on mine!!


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