Monday, September 13, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I took yesterday off from quilting and read.  I didn't get enough sleep the night before and we did our first church service with the new choir.  Every church does things slightly differently and we are still getting used to the service.  I was happy to veg. 

Saturday after the normal guild meeting we had a little lesson on making casserole covers.  The directions called for 3/4 yard of pre-quilted fabric.  So I decided I could do it on Ruthie and bust some stash.  Except what fabric was I willing to give up and did anything else match it?  After looking at and replacing at least 10 different fabrics I finally decided to use the leftover pansy fabric from a quilt finished a good 10 years ago. The back side was a white muslin print.  So I threw the fabric on Ruthie and used a panto to meander.  Why a panto to meander?  It was a nice tight little meander that I thought would look good.  And, it did except it was definitely a row of quilting with no interlocking areas. 

It looked fine when cut into smaller pieces but I'm not sure I would use it as a meander for a larger piece. 

Do you have trouble allowing yourself to use fabric.  I find myself quite ridiculous sometimes as I try to pick fabric.  Oh, that is such a great fabric I should save it for.... I so need to get over that.  Surprisingly sometimes I do get over it quite well.  If I would just get through some more fabric I would allow myself to buy newer fabric.  What a thought! 

  Speaking of using fabric rather than saving and fondling fabric, I realized I had a big piece of fabric that would go with my Million Pieces quilt.  The colors are definitely right but I think it is way too busy.  With at least 6 yards I could definitely use it on the back.  I just don't think it will make it as the border. I will be dragging the quilt around with me for a while to try to find the perfect border. And, I think I will want a mini border before the bigger border. I'm hoping I can get the quilt up to a queen 

size.  I am really looking forward to finishing this quilt.  But, it is on the back burner for just a bit now. 

I will be spending a few days up in Maryland visiting Sophia (well, and Brian and Jenny...) but it's all about Sophia right now!  I will take some hand sewing but I doubt I'll get any of it done.  I still need to work on the "A Tisket, A Tasket" blocks.  I pulled one out and got a bit more done and kept saying to myself... spend the time to get the blocks done -- it won't be that hard.  But I still seem to do no sewing after dinner -- or I read.  

The car needs to go in for an oil change and I need to get on to a bit of laundry and then finish the casserole cover.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I love your posts and never tell you - I need to more often!

  2. I always dread making that first cut into a fabric, but after I do, it is much easier to use it in projects.

  3. I used to not like to cut into the fabric, but then I started to realize that my tastes change so now I try to use it while I like it-if not I use it up for backing.


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