Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Do I Say It? I Didn't Follow the Plan...

Nope, not distractable me.  I did get quite a bit done yesterday once I started sewing. I just didn't work on the 1800's quilt.  I did get the Million Pieces blocks sewn into rows.

I did get the Quilts for Kids quilt washed.  

I did get the binding machine and hand sewn down on the Irish Chain quilt. It needs a wash before I show it as it still has the markings all over it. 

I did get half of the little border on the old little girl and her dog quilt.  

But 1800's quilt?  Not a stitch.  It didn't even come out of its basket.  

Here's the Quilts for Kids kit quilt on the front porch.  I don't really like my quilts this wrinkled looking unless they are old fashion quilts.  My guess is this fabric was not prewashed hence the super wrinkles.  I know the Warm & White batting was.  Quilted with So Fine, Fleurs panto, Warm & White batting. 

Today I will work FIRST on the 1800's quilt and then sew these rows together.  And, I'll keep pluggin' away on the little girl & her dog quilt.  There is no way I can get it big enough for a baby quilt without doing a lot more and I am so not interested in that. 

Jenny posted a new picture of Sophia on Facebook.  (I stole it from there.)  I am looking forward to visiting them next week for a few days.  Watch out Sophia, Grammie is coming with her camera.  You'll be a super star!  

Weather reports that the 90's are going to give way to 80's with lows in the 50's this week.  YEA!  I am very tired of this hot weather.  I imagine we'll still have some super hot days but for the most part its over.  

On to a little laundry and a bunch of sewing.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Sometimes things just don't go as planned :( Adds some variety to life me thinks :)

  2. Busy time, beautiful quilt (I like crinkly) and beautiful baby. I'll bet you can't wait to spend some time in person.


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