Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Question for You

I'm going on a four day, three night quilting retreat next week with my guild.  I've been on a couple of retreats but was looking for advice.  So help me out by answering any or all of these questions. 

What is the one thing you really like to have at a retreat? 

How do you prepare your projects? 
How many projects do you take? 

I'm all ears and will share the information in a future blog. If you have any other suggestions feel free to share them.

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie

Does anyone know how I got a colored background? I am using an ebook and windows -- the keyboard is small so I keep hitting keys I don't mean to and all sorts of things happen on my pages!  



  1. I like to take many projects to retreats as I sometimes get bored working on the same thing for days. I try to have some already cut and ready to go. I also tend to take some UFOs for quick finishes.

    I LOVE my Rowenta iron and always take it with me to retreats. I also take my little table from Menards to give me some extra table space.

    The last retreat, I took 6 projects and finished 3 of them.

  2. How many projects do you take? If they are easy, take several.

    What is the one thing you really like to have at a retreat? I am careful to take all appropriate tools. Irons are usually supplied and help to keep me/body moving.

    How do you prepare your projects? I have numerous project boxes if I plan to have more than one project.

    Bring a cushion to sit on. My favorite is a boat cushion because it's hard and has those straps. At home my machine is IN a table and lower, but at Retreats, I take a smaller machine that sits on a table, is higher, so the seat cushion is important. You cannot always stack 2 chairs together for height.

    Most important #1 - I never take a HARD project because there is just too much laughing, joking, activities going on. KISS, and bring a few easy project. Sometimes there is a QS nearby and THAT gets to be part of the fun.

    Most important #2 if the retreat is several days, ... get some rest, put your feet up, take a walk periodically.

    Bring an extra machine bulb, extra blades, extension cord, multiple plug gadget, and keep those items in your bag always. Don't ever take them out at home - they are only for classes, retreats.

    Have fun!!! Most important #3,-- Don't eat too much.

  3. CHOCOLATE!!! (After all, you need SOMETHING to keep your energy level up!!)


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