Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Stash Report 2011

I was retreating yesterday so here's a delayed run down on my fabric usage this month.  Remember, I don't count fabric as used until the quilt is totally finished.  

September Stash Report
Fabric used:  6.5 yards
Fabric purchased (acquired):  2.5 yards
Net fabric USED from stash: 4 yards 
Year to date fabric used: 55.5 yards
Year to date fabric purchased: 71 7/8 yards
Net Year to Date Acquired : 16 3/8 yards

I was well on the way to no purchases for September when I ordered a purse kit from Connecting Threads.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Duh, it came with 2.5 yards of fabric.  Sigh.  It is going to be used, preferably soon but don't hold your breath.   And, it came in during Sept.  Double Sigh!  I don't hold much hope for a no-buy October as there is a trip planned with friends from Maryland to MaryJo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC.  LOTS of fabric and pretty darn good prices too.  I have a couple of backings I need to acquire.  

And, because no blog is complete without a picture or two here are a few pics from the retreat this weekend.

 Meet Nicole a swan who lives at the retreat center.  She can no longer fly but she does walk around the various buildings checking out what is going on.  Poor thing walks with a limp too.  But she came by to say "Honk" to all of us. 
We made snap bags.  Cute little bags and it was really fun to sew with some one else's fabric.  Yep kits were made up for us to use. Neat. 

Michelle was sitting behind me and was sewing like a fiend.  She made the penguin and the monkey for her two young boys.  Yikes, lots of little tiny pieces in the penguin.  And, below her snap purse
Here's the twin size quilt made from the blocks from FCQEquilters.  I decided to change the layout to this variation of streak of lightening.  It is a bold, dramatic quilt.  Now to find backing and binding for it. Remember that trip to MaryJo's?  Yep, this is one of the quilts that I am going to be looking for fabric. Unless I unearth something in my stash that might work.  Enlarge the photo to see the very cool jacket Michelle made.  She used various fancy stitches on her machine to quilt different parts of the jacket. She did a great job.  

I'll post a bit more about retreat over the next few days.  I didn't take as many pictures as I thought but I do have a few more and I'll be taking pictures of what I worked on.  

Check in tomorrow for Design Wall Monday.  I'll have something new on it. (Amazing!)  

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  1. Lucky you, going to MaryJo's! :-)

    I love making snap bags. Simple and effective.


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