Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday 9-26-11

Help!  I need to make these blocks (about 10" or maybe 9.5") big enough to make a 36 x 48 quilt for a NICU.  I only have the 9 center blocks.  Here's the fabric I'm working with and some variations. Original plan was to sash with this aqua fabric.  I've got lots of it so I could also use it on the back.  But wow, it really washes out in this photo.  

So then I searched the stash and came up with this "flamingo" colored fabric.  Wow, it pretty well shouts at me. 

Oops, it doesn't go well with the borders -- I tried two different purples but the stripe on the left was the original choice.  The darker doesn't do much for me. 

Another look at the aqua... hum, using the flash it does show up better . . . 
 Ok, how about some green Moda Marbles?? Yes, this might just work.  I think I'll be adding strips of yellow, blue and green at the top and bottom to take this up to 48" approximately. And, maybe I should use my lessons on mitering with that stripe? 

Luckily, I know what I'm doing with these fabrics.  This is from Terry Atkinson's book, Time Out Designs. Terry has you cut the stripe two different directions which makes for a very interesting design.  I've wanted to make it for years and in fact had the fabric picked out for at least a year.  I will be cutting this out before I go to retreat and hope to get the top made there.  Unfortunately I don't remember what size I was going to make so I'll have to remeasure all the fabric to see.  I think it is going to be BRIGHT!

I didn't do too badly on last week's goals. 

Goals for week of 9/19/11
Mail blocks to New
Finish up my round of the Komen donation quilt
Cut out quilt to take on retreat
Return some shoes and a dress
Make and mail pinwheels
Finish NICU top
Quilt Quilts for Kids Quilt
Quilt NICU top

And here are the plans for this week.  I realized I should add making the stuff I was planning to bring with me.  Duh! 
Goals for Week of 9/26/11
Shopping expedition with the gals
Cut out quilt to take on retreat
Pack for retreat
Plan on three projects to take
Make stripe quilt top
Finish funny animal quilt top
Put the binding on red, white, & blue baby quilt
Sew the twin size quilt top with red, white and blue squares

I probably won't get a lot of posting done as the wifi was really weak. I will get up my stash usage figures for this month though.  I've been really good.  Although I may buckle as we are looking at new sewing machines on our shopping expedition.  Zowie, that means lots of fabrics hanging around.  Could be tempting! 

Hey, remember it is design wall Monday so go check out Patchwork Times.
 Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I like your Goal List Bonnie. I'm going on a quilt retreat next week. Be gone for almost 5 days. My friend is flying in from Indiana. We have gone to this retreat twice a year since 2003. So, much fun! I have one new project cut out, and one UFO to finish, and then I'll also take the plastic bin with the chenille potholder stuff and make a few of those. We spend way too much time chatting, hiking and driving into town to a fabric store we love up to visit. We read and play board games too. I'm sure you will have lots of fun on your retreat too!

  2. If this were mine, I would add another round to each block. Maybe the soft yellow. Then use the aqua for sashing.

    I think whatever you decide, this is going to be a super cute little quilt and someone is going to be very lucky to cuddle with it.

  3. I like the green sashing. Hope you have fun on retreat - it sounds like you have big plans :)

  4. I basically like all the versions, not crazy about the purple w/the flamigo but LOVE the flamigo fabric. I'm no help at all.

  5. How about a skinny strip of that lime green or purple around each of the blocks before you sash it with one of the paler colors. However you do it the quilt will be terrific.


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