Monday, July 28, 2014

Design Wall Monday 7-28-14

Wait!  When did it get to be the end of July?  I could have sworn it was just the beginning of June! 

Here's what's on my design wall.  Now I need some opinions.  Do I set the blocks next to each other or do I sash?  And, what color do I use to sash.  I am totally out of the turquoise so that isn't an option. Um, but I have some of the lighter turquoise.  But the rest of the colors I should have enough to sash with.  And, any thoughts on borders?  This will be a wall quilt and my preferred hanging space can handle quilts up to about 36" so I probably can't do a lot of border and still be able to hang it there. I'm thinking of 1" finished sashing and then maybe the green for the binding which would act as a small border too... Please comment below and give me your opinions! 
1. I guess I am still working on one basket.  The turquoise center still needs to be stitched down. 
2. This is how I started. The colors really change the tone of the quilt.  I'm definite I want sashing now. 
3. Turquoise but that is all I have of this fabric.

4. Lots of yellow but not used in the baskets.

5. Orange and lots of it. I also have the two other oranges. 

6. Purple.. The other purples were scraps from my collection. 

7. Green more than enough to sash with. 
So help me out here.  I'm shocked surprised at what a difference the sashing makes.  Now some help on coloring.  Please leave a comment on my quandary! 
On to my goals.  Surprisingly I did a pretty good job on my goals this last week!  Woot! Woot!
Week of July 21, 2014
Make the Rainbow Color Challenge Block – red   sewing units together as my ender.
Finish the fish quilt (quilt and bind!)
Get all handles on Dresden baskets
Make backing for charity quilt √ and quilted it
Continue making star blocks from mystery
Make a Snowman decoration at Diana’s

Make the 3 yards, 3 baby quilts moved to this week!

Now this week -- I'll be tied up away from the studio three days so I won't be getting as much done as last week but I hope to make progress on this list.

Week of July 28, 2014
Shop Hopping!
Bind the charity quilt
Finish making star blocks from mystery
Make the 3 yards, 3 baby quilts
Tea Group and Alumni Event
Decide and work on Dresden Baskets
Work on next row by row block/s
Find and work on the Disappearing Star blocks

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times.   

That's it for today.  Happy Quilting All! 


  1. How about a checkerboard sashing? Sew strips of miscellaneous squares that pick up all the colors in the half-Dresdens. Make the border a splashy multicolor print. Emphasize cheerful + busy.

  2. I really like the purple for the sashing

  3. What about framin the blocks with black first and then adding sashing. If not, then I would definitely use the purple.

  4. I like the orange... it just seems to really bring out the other colors in the basket. Such cute blocks!

  5. I vote for orange as well. It makes the baskets look so cheery and bright.

  6. Orange, of course!! Framing the blocks with a little black was also a good suggestion

  7. I think I would do orange sashing and then add some black or turquoise corner squares. I don't like the purple. If you do turquoise I would pick the darker turquoise. If you did corner squares then you could use the orange or black.

  8. Before I scrolled down and saw the choices laid out I thought orange and then on seeing it I would vote for it. Good luck with your choice.

  9. I like the turquoise best, but the orange is a close second. Both colors really bring out the the baskets.

  10. I think I like the orange the best. What do you think about using black corner stones? I think it would tie in nicely with the basket handles. Love Dresden plate.

  11. Definitely orange. It makes the dresden's pop.

  12. Oh boy glad I don't have to make that choice! At first glance I thought a scrappy sashing, brilliant! How about small squares with all those luscious fabrics???? Hmmm I really like the teal, it's got a playfulness to it, summery fun time. The green and the purple appeal to my love of fall and makes it a warmer more relaxing option for me. But the orange, wow, now that one has impact, love it. Oh wait that wasn't very helpful was it ;) No matter which you choose, those dresden plates are going to be what everyone sees, they steal the show!

  13. I like the orange best. The purple looks too dark to me. A great idea someone had to do black cornerstones.


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