Monday, December 13, 2010

Design Wall Monday -- 12-13-10

I was very productive at the Sit and Stitch on Friday.  All of the border pieces were done but the corners are a real bugaboo. Here's what the pineapple looks like this morning. 

I planned out this corner while at the S&S.  But when I put it together Saturday -- um, don't like that all that much. Original plan is in the above picture.  While taking pictures this morning I tried a few alternatives:

Turned it. Maybe I should have turned this once more the red and white corner is against the green and white part. Will try later when I am upstairs. 

Then I thought I could make some sort of half a log cabin block and attempted to do it with some small pieces of the red fabrics.  One of the problems is the border pieces are an even number so they will end the same way every time. Start with a green, end with a white.  At least I think that is the problem.  I rather like the log cabin idea all though I am going to see what I can do improve it.  First is I will remove the green and white four patch.  I may also see about changing the last or first of the border pieces.  Perhaps I can have the greens end and begin in two corners and the whites end and begin in the other two corners.  There is going to be some unsewing happening in my life today. Go check out what's on other's design walls by visiting Judy's blog

What a shock it was to wake up and look out the window today.  
Who said it was going to snow?  I know I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the news/weather report last night but you would think I would have heard the "snow" word. 

And then there's Raggs.  Shoot -- we must have gotten 3" of snow or so as measured on his leg!  And, I think it is still snowing.  

Lots to do today.  Happy Quilting All! 


  1. It's lovely and I can't wait to see what you do in the corners!

  2. love those pineapple blocks - I have some in the works from last year that I must get back to work on this year.

  3. Bonnie, that is one sharp looking quilt! Glad to hear other people re-do borders sometimes too, am curious to see where you wind up!
    -Mary, The Curious Quilter
    Saint Paul, MN (Buried in SnoW!)

  4. Your quilt is incredible. I can see where the corners would be challenging. I can't wait to see the end product.

  5. I'd stick with the log cabin corners. I think the other versions draw too much attention and compete with the quilt, which is gorgeous.

    Yes, those snow storms have a tendency to sneak in once in a while.

  6. Enjoy the snow while you are figuring out your corner blocks!

  7. In the corners...did you try making the one in the corner red then make the next one towards the top be black and the next one towards the bottom be white. Again use red in the top right. So your four patch would be black red on top row. Red white on bottom row. Next to the top red at a diagonal going towards the corner white black and end with white using reds to fill in rest of the space. It woul make it look like its radiating out. Just a thought that was pretty hard to write down. Top looks great! Sandi

  8. love the look of the pineapples in red/white with the black it's wonderful!

  9. Good luck with the corners, I am a fan of something like a half log cabin, but maybe with the white and black swapped so that it continues the checkerboard pattern?


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