Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow, Southern Style

We had snow yesterday evening.  And, Pat and I decided this was the perfect snow.  It snowed and stuck only on the grass.  

And, it looked beautiful in the lights. 

The snow didn't last long.  In the morning it was a beautiful sight  before the sun had come up. And, best of all it all melted before noon. 

Not much quilting has been getting done recently.  Saturday we spent part of the day up in Columbia celebrating a very good friend's birthday.  All of us worked at the same elementary school for many years.  Denise in the center was the birthday girl.  Her family did a great job surprising her including her son coming in from Colorado.  


  1. Poor Sophie. I fear that photo is going to haunt her into her adult years.

    I agree that a perfect snow is one that only falls on the grassy areas and stays off of the sidewalks and streets.

  2. Lucky Duck! That is my favorite kind of snow, too.

    Oh, little Sophie, how cute. I'm sure it is not nice to laugh at another's displeasure, but I did get a chuckle about that little lip. It was a grandmotherly chuckle, though. Had she been within arm's length, I would have scooped her up in a big hug. :-)


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