Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall Monday 8/28/11

Yeah!  A little something new on my design wall.  (I guess I shouldn't mention that I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't get back to sleep so went up to the studio and made 2 blocks to stick on the design wall!)

These are the blocks I need to send to Fran for the FCQ Equilters.  Contrary Wife was the July-August block.  For some reason I just couldn't get into making them.  I had one cut out so I threw that together this morning and cut another one.  I actually really like the block now that I've made it.  I'll be adding more to the pile sometime this week. I need to get these in the mail to New Zealand before the next block instructions comes around. 

This is on Ruthie.  I was hoping to get it completed before I went to Maryland so I could pass it off to Jenny to complete and then take out to California.  It just didn't happen. I hope to finish it and get the binding on it before the end of August.  We'll see if I am successful. 

These are doggy bandanas that slip onto the dog's collar.  I am making them to donate to the guild for an upcoming craft sale.  They are quick to make and use a nice bit of fabric too. 

True Confession time now.  This is my cutting table -- from the back side.  EEK!  It is a total mess.  It is time to slow down on the sewing and spend some time cleaning and putting away fabric.  I honestly think I have bits of fabric out from last fall.  So, I'll be working on clean up a bit over the next few weeks. (just in case I don't get it completely done this week... I've left myself an out!) 

And here it is from the "business" end -- I do try to keep the cutting mat some what cleared off.  But it is definitely time for a clean up! 

Below are two pictures of my fabric wall.  The stash in the shelves isn't in too bad of shape but the fat quarters on top are a mess.  

I tend to pull from the fat quarters when making blocks (like Contrary Wife.)  Sometimes I get them back in the right place and sometimes they get piled in front or on the cutting table.  So, time to clean that area up too.

Maybe it's time to organize that top shelf.  Of course, I do need to take care of the cardboard box too.  It is the fabric for the applique block I showed here.   It is definitely time to get that finished and mailed off to someone else in the group.  I've had it way too long. 

Goals for week of 8/22/11

Shopping for less formal dress for Kevin’s wedding √√√
Eye appointment √ and new glasses are picked up,
Quilt and bind Red & White Baby Quilt it’s half quilted
Finish a few of the dog bandanas
Put binding on Chunky Churn Dash & Winter Rail Fence binding is ready to sew on by machine
Celebrate Sophia’s birthday party
Knit on sock

Goals for week of 8/29/11

Buy shoes for new dress
Finish a few more dog bandanas
Finish quilting the Red & White baby quilt, make & apply binding
Start cleaning house for post wedding guests
Add borders to Komen donation quilt
Make & send blocks for FCQ Equilters (really, it is time to get this done and in the mail…)
Finish Winter Rail Fence binding
Clean up cutting table & organize fat quarters
Well that's it for this week's design wall Monday.  Stop by Patchwork Times  to see what other folks have on their design walls. 


  1. You are very brave to post a photo of your work area!!
    Always a good idea to do sewing when we can't sleep!

  2. That is pretty neat that you got up early and made the 2 blocks, they look good - the red really sets them off. You have lots of neat projects going on! Love the photos of your cutting table and shelves! My room is small so I seem to constantly be cleaning and re-arranging it. Your top shelf is a perfect place to put things that haven't been returned to their original spot.

  3. My cutting table looks much like yours. You have some great storage cubbies for your fabric.

    Love the new blocks.

  4. My cutting table looks just like yours, as well. You have a busy week planned. I hope you get it all done.

  5. Isn't funny how we work on our tables in an ever smaller and smaller space. :-) I actually just cleaned mine off. The floor too! The Tramp will be amazed. LOL


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