Monday, May 21, 2012

Design Wall Monday 5-21-2012

Here's a finished top to share today. This was a Pooh fabric book panel.  I wanted to make a baby quilt out of it so I picked yellow, green, blue and purples to frame the blocks.  Yes, I think the purple (actually 2 different fabrics) are all wrong for it. Once I get it quilted it will go to a charity and someone will be pleased to have it. 

Now that that is done one of my design walls is (was) empty.  This morning I pulled out the FCQ Equilter's Komen quilt to finally finish off.  As I've made blocks for the 1800's Quilt I've also made some of the blocks for this quilt.  I only need one more block to start to put this together.  I sure hope I have my math right and everything actually goes together nicely. This is NOT the true color.  This looks - yucko! But it will look great once done. I've put in the golden  coping fabric that I will need a small bit of to make all the 9" blocks go together.  Anyone have some opinions on how (what order)  I should put this together?  I'm thinking sew the side blocks together and then figure out how big the coping strip needs to be and do both sides the same.  Then sew the top and bottom rows into strips and see what size strip would then be needed? 

Here's what I got done on my weekly goals last week.  Not bad considering my motivation was, um, zero! 
Week of May 13, 2012

Finish stitching binding on SS #2
Photograph and write blog entry for both Quilty Pleasures and my blog√ need to upload one or two pictures and still write my own blog about it... 
Sew Winnie the Pooh rows together
Start quilting twin charity quilt for FCQ√ at least the backing was on the frame yesterday.
Back up EQ projects from the restored netbook.  Phew! Computer guru came through like a champ. 
Start Scrap Squad #3... I'm so excited about this one!!!  I can't wait to get going on it... 
Figure out backing for my flamingo quilt
Clean up the cutting table...well, it'll be a start at least No way did this happen. 
Week of May 21, 2012
Finish quilting twin charity quilt for FCQ
Start quilting Heidi’s quilt
Pick up old Bernina from spa week…
Take dogs in for check ups
Cut out projects for retreat at beginning of June
Cut Scrap Squad #3…
Get baby quilts done on Ruthie if possible
This is actually a short list or so it seems to me but I need to focus on finishing the quilting on a few things.  Will see how I do.  
My computer is giving me a little grief trying to get on the internet so I wasn't able to post this earlier today.  One of these days I'll figure out if I need to replace something or other on it. 
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Happy Quilting All! 



  1. Thats a huge to do list!!!

    Love the little pooh quilt! I am not good with coping strips so I have to measure when all the other parts are put together....

  2. Wow, you've really made great progress on the women quilt! Love the floral print you've used in some of the blocks. It really sparkles in the pictures. You are right, some child will absolutely adore that winnie the pooh quilt. Clever idea to use the book panels for blocks.

  3. Great progress! That Pooh quilt is just going to be some small child's "snuggly", you can tell!!! I have had so little time in the sewing room since March, I am living vicariously through your progress!

  4. The purple does stand out, but I actually like it, and a dark binding, maybe purple also, would make it blend more. Maybe a couple of purple butterflies appliqued on corners of the lighter materials. But, as you say, someone will love it as is.

    You asked on another blog about where to get the printable solvy stuff for embroidery. Bird Brain Designs would be the place to go. =) Sign up for their newsletter and get a free redwork design each month. Archives are available for past years, too.


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