Monday, May 7, 2012

Design Wall Monday 5-7-2012

I am spending more time quilting on Ruthie right now than piecing new quilts.  Here's a set of blocks I made in October but I found a different stripe in my collection to try. (You can see the original stripe by clicking on "set of blocks" above. I have made one or two more blocks with different colors than just the red and yellow I started with.  When I get some free sewing time I'll play with these blocks... plus I need to finish two more blocks that I started for them. 

Yep, that red fabric matches the red fabric I showed last week. Thanks to many of my readers who suggested Synthrapol.  I used it and hopefully all will be well.  I used the Baptist Fan grooved boards on SS#2. Enlarge the picture to see some of the details. Now to do the binding. 
I did really well on my goals this week.  I worked on or finished almost every single one. 

Week of April 29, 2012
Get the last border on the SS#2
Make 4 heart blocks
Cut charm squares for swap
Get blocks and charm squares in the mail
Find and prep backing for SS#2
Pull out and work on FCQEquilters quilt… it’s time to get it finished
Figure out if my net book can be resurrected… it’s lost its memory!
Quilt another charity quilt
Dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms… √ ugh but I didn’t vacuum the carpet ….

My computer guru is out of town so I located the disks for the resurrection of the net book but I'm waiting until I can talk to him about it because I am hoping to save all of my EQ files.   
Here's what's up for this week. I hope to get some piecing done although I've only listed working on the Pooh blocks. 
Week of May 7, 2012
Quilt 2 more charity quilts
Make binding for SS#2
Put binding on SS#2
Make next block for BOM and write up directions
Quilt one more quilt on Ruthie
Trim Winnie the Pooh blocks and sew together
Clean up studio – it looks like a bomb exploded amid the fabrics

What's on your design wall this week?  Visit Design Walls around the internet by first going to Patchwork Times.
Oops.  I almost forgot the picture I got in my email this morning!  
Some of you may remember the little lady bug play outfit I made Miss Sophia. When I first tried it on her she started screaming and slipped out of it as fast as I could get her hands in the armholes.  Jenny told me she chose to wear it today.  Of course, it's not quite warm enough for shorts today so she actually is wearing it with black pants.  Hum, she can wear this all summer as it looks a bit big on her.  
Happy Quilting All!


  1. Oh Bonnie, I love the 'new' stripes that you've found -- it really sets off those pieced blocks VERY nicely!! And what a darling little girl is your Miss Sophia! Such a sweetheart! :)

  2. Love that photo of a smiling Sophia; especially in your lady bug outfit.

    Great job on your goals!

  3. That stripe looks great with your stars. Can't wait to see your scrap squad quilt!

  4. I really like that stripe with your blocks,too. I have been piecing and need to get cracking on with some quilting. I love the fans. I need to try that on a quilt.

  5. ohhh look at those stripes, those are beautiful!! Almost as beautiful as little Miss Sophia, look at that precious smile!!!

  6. My neighbor's son refused to wear a shirt she'd bought him and wouldn't tell her why. He did tell my boys though. It had bugs on it... We looked closer at the shirt and sure enough in the print there was something that looked like a fly with sun glasses on. He never wore it so she gave it to another neighbor boy who loved it.

  7. Love the stars with the stripes: so bright and cheerful. I can't quilt for long periods of time so when I am quilting I usually have scrap blocks to sit and sew while my back gets back in the quilting mood. I seem to need to sew fabric together, even if it isn't pretty. ha!


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