Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vacationing and Celebrating

Wow, could it be possible?  That young man I met in English class at the University of Southern California has been my friend and husband for 39 years? Yep, we are celebrating 39 years of marriage. Wow, but I thought I was just a teenager a few moments ago! 
We've been having a wonderful time hanging around in Lancaster, Pa after spending a day and night with Kevin and Aimee and another with Jenny and Sophia.  Brian's working in Virginia not far from our home.  Go figure.  

Last night we stayed at the B. F. Hiestand House in Marietta, Pa.  Innkeepers Dallas and Pam were so very hospitable.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  And, Quincy, their beautiful yellow lab was a great gentleman greeter.  If you are looking for a unique stay in the Lancaster area consider visiting B. F. Hiestand House, a wonderfully maintained Victorian mansion.  Pat and I spent a lovely couple of hours on the wrap around front porch chatting with other guests and drinking wine.    

Today we spent most of the day driving around Lancaster County visiting quilt shops.  I think we hit 5 of them and by the fifth one I was getting tired and Pat was probably exhausted.  I hope he had as good a time as I did.  Monday I'll share my finds with you.  We were also able to find a couple of tables to go with some rockers we ordered at home... same recycled milk jugs.  Once the chairs come in I'll share some pictures.   

We shared the tomato we picked while still green from our lone plant that is growing on our deck.  We figured we couldn't leave the tomato for a week -- the birds would have gotten it for sure.  So the tomato was carefully placed in the back cup holders of the truck, brought in to both Jenny's and Kevin's houses.  We remembered to bring it with us when we left for Pa.  And, it was the highlight of our lunch. A little cheese, a few crackers, the tomato and half a banana... a perfect easy picnic lunch.

We are now up near our house in Greentown, Pa.  We both knew a visit to Kundla's for barbecue chicken was absolutely necessary.  As usual, we had to stand in line for a while.  As we shuffled forward we came in sight of the grill filled with chicken halves. All the meat is barbecued on big grates.  Below is one of the two men it takes to flip the chickens. Another grate is placed over the top of the birds and both the bottom and top grate is turned over.  Yummy stuff!  Can't you just smell that good barbecue smell coming off these grills? 
We added cole slaw and beans with sodas.  Yummy stuff for sure!  There's Pat waiting in the sunshine for our chance to order.  
Thank goodness they give out big napkins and even bigger wet clothes for cleaning up afterwards.  When we lived here we would buy several chicken dinners and freeze them.  They were great to pull out when I didn't want to cook and so darn reasonable.  

Tomorrow we are headed to Bethel Woods, formerly known as Woodstock, to attend the 50th anniversary concert of the Beach Boys.  Should be a lot of fun. Then Monday we're loading up some wood that came from our property maple.  I'm sure Pat will make something wonderful from it.  Hum, maybe a quilt ladder?  Then it will be back to Jenny's for a few days and on to home and newly refinished floors.  

Some knitting is getting done but no quilting although it has been in my mind as I was shopping!  
Happy quilting all! 


  1. Happy Anniversary. It sounds like you celebrated it in style.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Congrats! I wonder if I could convince my husband to do a bunch of quilt shops for our anniversary....don't think so.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for sharing about all of the wonderful things that are so close to where I am in Shippensburg, PA. It is amazing how much of the state I don't know about.


  4. Sounds like you've had a wonderful time. I don't envy you having to put all the furniture back, but I bet the floors will look great!

  5. Your anniversary vacation sounds wonderful, Bonnie. Gee, if I had known you would be so close to us, we could have arranged a visit. Our weather has been amazing this week and is expected to continue.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your vacation, looks like a fun place to be.


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