Monday, August 20, 2012

Design Wall Monday 8-20-12

I am back up and running on my MacBook Pro.  And, it wasn't the hard drive so I have all of my information.  YEAH!  I may try backing it up some time today as I plan to upgrade the memory and then try to get Windows operating system on a portion of it.  It sounds ridiculously difficult to me but folks swear it isn't.  

So, what's been happening recently in the studio?  I'm working on only 2 major projects.  First up is Scrap Squad quilt #4.  Sharon was here last weekend and we came up with a color scheme and a plan.  It is paper pieced so is quite the challenge for me as I am not good at eyeballing the sizes of the fabrics. I was hoping to use only fabric from my stash but I was running out and needed to buy something to match the oldest piece I was using.  3 stores later I have a great match.  You'll have to tell me in a couple of weeks whether you see any differences.  Of course, no photos to share of SS #4.  

 Here's the other piece I am working on.  It is a machine embroidered red work and patches wall hanging.  I agreed to donate a quilt to my church's auction which will be held in late September so I am focusing on it also. These are the first machine embroidery I've tried.  I bought all the designs, directions etc on a cd at the quilt shop where I bought my machine.  It was a fun and easy to do design. Thank goodness.  Below is a close up of some of the units while I was working on them. 
Last week's goals were to work on the Christmas Quilt and Scrap Squad #4.  Yep, that's what I did.  Probably not enough but when I sewed I was working on those two. I also started quilting the FCQ Charity quilt.  

Week of August 20
Continue piecing Scrap Squad #4
Continue sewing together Christmas Redwork
Quilt FCQ Charity Quilt
Quilt Jenny’s String Quilt

Just remembered.  The week before when the computer was having a spa week or two, I finished the Flamingo quilt.  (Hey, it was the end of July so I really needed to finish something!) I used my spiral circles design boards.  It is being donated to Project Linus in Howard County, Maryland through Faithful Circle Quilters. Last time Sharon was down for a sewing weekend she had flamingo fabric from a guild challenge. One of the members was downsizing and donated her flamingo fabrics thus was born the flamingo challenge. One of these days I will show some of the other quilts from the challenge. 
Are you still checking out the other design walls through Patchwork Times?  First go visit Patchwork Times and then make the jump to all sorts of design walls.  It's great fun.  Leave a comment so folks know you have been by.  
Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I like the Christmas design -- the embroidery + pieced trees. Are those all flamingos? Wow!

  2. Two fun quilts! I am not a fan of paper piecing, and I think it's because I'm not good at judging the size of fabric.

    My computer is at a spa, too, possibly the hard drive. Thankfully, I've backed it up. I'm limping along with my old laptop that is finicky, which is why I replaced it. ;oD

    Is it just me or are the comment validations really hard to read?

  3. I love the pine trees among the red work. What a great way to show off he embroidery.

  4. Nice job on the flamingo quilt and the Christmas blocks! How's it going now on your scrap squad?

  5. Lovely quilting on the flamingo blocks. The trees are looking very happy. Paper piecing can take a while to adjust to, but once you do it gives you an accuracy that can't be beat.

  6. I'm glad your MacBook Pro is up and running. Why mess it up with a Windows installation? If you must have a Windows machine, buy a cheap Windows computer!

  7. Glad that you have your MacBook back. Being without your primary computer is such a pain.

    The Christmas quilt is looking good and love the flamigo challenge quilt. Very fun!

  8. What a great looking embroidered quilt. I usually don't like them all that well, but this one works. I really like the tree blocks in there as well. And the flamingos, just adorable!!

  9. Hi Bonnie,
    Love the redwork snowmen--great finish!
    So, are we still doing the 1800s quilt? I haven't seen a block since the Tree of Life in June (or did I just miss them?)

  10. Love love love the Flamingo quilt!!

  11. Liam put VirtualBox (free if you don't want support) on my Mac which makes a virtual computer you can install Windows on. I only use it for my Dear Jane software (EQ). It works great.


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