Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Stash Busting!

It was such a busy month I barely made it into a JoAnns store.  So it was a great month for fabric usage.

Year to Date
Fabric In
0   yards
 76.42 yards
Fabric Out
9.25     yards
 60.93   yards
9.25   yards
-15.49    yards

Not a bad month at all!  I guess it helps to spend half of the month at someone else's house! ARGH! Does anyone know of a way to paste in a table from Word and have all of the lines show up? I went back to March to copy this table and it shows fine in the compose format but lines drop out in the preview format.  ARGH! 

I have already finished the binding on the Flamingo quilt which will be a donation to Project Linus through Faithful Circle Quilters.  And, I was also able to finish the embroidery pieces for the quilt I am making to donate to a live auction at my church.  Time for me to get going on piecing of that quilt and start Scrap Squad #4.  

Things keep hopping here.  And, after this report of my fabric usage there is hope I can use more fabric than I acquire this year.  

Happy quilting! 


  1. I could come over and bust your stash! Love the adorable owl quilt.

  2. How about if you created your chart in Excel, saved it as a pdf and then pasted the pdf into your blog?

  3. Bonnie,
    Has your email been hacked? I got an email message from you with no subject, just a link.
    Was dubious about using the gmail address.
    Sarah in California

  4. Great job on using up the stash! I just love the owl quilt, btw!!! That is just too stinking cute! Last but not least, congrats on Natalie!!! What a beautiful baby!!

  5. I love the fabric stash count! I wish I even knew how much I have to start with!! As for the charts, I was just learning this as well. You basically have to use html. I found a tutorial on someone else's blog, and you can see the results on my "steelmom" post.


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