Monday, September 10, 2012

Design Wall Monday 9-10-12

First off -- Happy First Anniversary to Kevin and Aimee.
On to the quilting!  I am sorry to say I haven't a whole lot to show this week.  I made some blocks for Fran, from my FCQEquilters group.  I am very late as she was the July - August person.  I didn't even start the blocks until Sept.  They are made and I just need to decide on how to package them to get them to her in New Zealand.  Fran, if you are reading this, I plan to mail them this week!
I began on Joan's blocks but I'll wait to show them until at least one of the 3 is done.  She sent printed foundations for pineapple blocks.  Lots of pieces but every piece is coming from scraps. 

I did go shopping and lunching with the gal pals.  I was able to buy a backing for the Christmas Redwork top.  I'm trying to come up with a snappy name.  I notice as I reread this I've called it two different names in the goals.  Can you think of something snappy? I like Santas and Snowmen as a start.... I'll take any and all suggestions.  You can see part of the top here. It needs a better picture which I will post after I finish it, hopefully this week. 

That's what I did last week.  Check out design walls across the country by going to Patchwork Times.  

So how did I do on my goals last week? 
Week of Sept 3
Finish blocks for Fran (FCQ E Quilters)
Quilt a customer’s quilt
Put 2 borders on Christmas Redwork top
Get ready for mini class on Saturday
Make and write instructions for Sept 1800’s block
Pretty good.  I decided I didn't need to start another quilt especially since Sharon and I had already made one from the block being shown at the mini class. I hung out and got a lot of great tips though.  
Week of Sept 10
Quilt and bind Snowmen and Santa quilt
Get back to work on Scrap Squad #4
Take a class on my new iPad
Mail blocks to Fran and Ashley
Decide which UFO to work on and work on it!    

If you are looking for the next installment of the 1800s quilt check back later in the week.  I promise to get it posted soon. 

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. I like the blocks in the photo. Are those Fran's?

    Not much quilting or even knitting happening here. My days are full, but I don't seem to get anything done. What's up with that?

  2. No rush on my blocks! :)
    I like "Santas and Snowmen"...but what about all the trees?
    "Christmas Kringles Shingles and Tingles". Uh oh. May need more coffee...

  3. Happy anniversary to the sweet couple! And the same day as my folks -- I hope the date is as bountiful for Kevin and Aimee as it's been for my folks!

    How about "Red & White & Christmas All Over"?! LOL! I dunno. I'm really bad at naming quilts! :)


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