Monday, February 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday 2-11-13

Lots of little things on the Design Wall today: 
Blocks for a drawing at Faithful Circle Quilters.

Sharon was here this weekend and brought directions for this cute little tissue cover.  She's become an addict -- calling them quilter's crack. She's made dozens in the last week or two.  I have to admit they are very easy and really cute.  I don't think I'll become an addict but you never know. 

We played with the embroidery module for Bubbles.  Sharon was tickled to embroider this on a black t shirt.  I've got a grey sweatshirt ready to go but didn't take the time to do it yet.  Maybe in the next few days seeing as I have all the thread.  The only thing we thought we would change is the little patches at the bottom.  Why are they mostly beige?  Weird.  

And, finally the coffee cups for the Queen Bee group I'm in.  My turn is coming up in March.  I need to write up directions and figure out my fabrics. Luckily I already know which block I am going to use. 

I did great on my goals last week, especially since I had so many of them. 

Week of Feb. 4, 2013
Finish quilting borders of Hexie Quilt√ Done
Quilt charity quilt on Ruthie oops didn’t start
Continue working on Mysteries for Relay and Easy Street  quilts√√
Get oil changed/buy thread for machine embroidery
Make coffee cup blocks
Start Dresden variation quilt
Have fun with Sharon visiting
Embroider 2 shirts√ only one got done
Keep on appliqueing orange peel blocks√√

Not as much planned for this week.
Week of Feb. 11, 2013

Continue working on mystery quilts
Make more orange peel blocks
Embroider my shirt
Quilt something on Ruthie, anything! 

Don't forget to visit Patchwork Times so you can easily visit design walls around the internet. 

Happy Quilting! 


  1. Congratulations on getting so many projects done! I like the sweatshirt lettering.

  2. You did get lots done! Great job! I really like those top blocks. They look like a great group project b/c you could easily trim them all to the same size (if needed) and they have a great graphic appeal. The tee shirt embroidery is awesome, too.

  3. The blocks for your group's swap are fun. I like the partial frames with the focus fabric.

  4. Love your blocks and the tissue holder. Your coffee cups looks good enough to drink out of. Hugs

  5. Good for you! Getting things done makes one feel great. I love your coffee cup blocks.
    I'm just getting around to the DWM posts.


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