Friday, February 15, 2013

What's Done

I finished hand quilting my little Hexagon Flower quilt last week.  I'm happy to share this one as I started it in 2011!  Evidently I didn't work on it all that much over the ensuing months. 
I love the little wavy stencil I used on the border, but evidently so did Raggs as one end was chewed up after I left it some where he could get it. 

I am now working on an Orange Peel small quilt.  Both of these patterns came from Kathleen Tracy's books.  Several weeks ago I showed how I was making the peels.  It has been so easy to just grab the little bag of my supplies and applique away.  I've been doing them by colors so I can use the same thread if I cut too much at a time.  Most of these are from a box of fabrics all from one line that I won about a year ago.  I'm using a bunch of different backgrounds.  I may take far less than a year for this project. 

Do you do Quilts of Valor?  I try to but seem to not finish all that many in the long run.  But I love to make blocks and ship them off for someone else to finish them.  Alycia is doing another block drive. And this time the incentive prize is hand dyed fabrics from Vicki.  Yummy.  Go to Alycia's blog to get the details. The blocks are due by March 8th.  I need red, white and blue fabrics so I will be looking for some bright ones soon.  Of course, I'll hit up my stash first!  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I like Kathleen Tracy's books. One day, I'm going to make some of the small quilts she features.

  2. Bonnie, Don't be too hard on Raggs :) The wavy quilting is a perfect frame for the hexies- adorable little quilt. You are making great progress on the Orange Peel. Ann in PA

  3. I love your little hexagon quilt, it is so cte. Your orange peel is going to be pretty also. I love Kathy's books. Have a great day.

  4. Enjoy your blog. Did I miss the triange Thursday this past week, or didn't your week have enough hours in it to get it done? :-)

  5. Love your little hexagon quilt!
    I must start an orange peel quilt...I love these little blocks!


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