Monday, October 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday 10-21-13

Here's what's on the wall:
The 9 patches are cut using the X-Block ruler which gives the bottom lay out.  I decided to make this a bit longer thus the two extra rows of blocks. Now to finish up the inside and start thinking about the borders. 

I laid these blocks out to start thinking about sewing them together.  I was thinking I might need another block to go with these.  My biggest concern though is that lite aqua background.  It really stands out.  The red block has red polka dots in the background . . .   I received these blocks and a LOT more from my FCQ Equilter group.  (Hum, the blocks above came from them too...good that I'm finally making some progress on them.)  I will play around with them some more and see what I can do about them.  

I'm trying to finish some small quilts and use up some of the blocks I have hanging around.  These two will be donation quilts, eventually. 

I did well with the goals this week.  Yea! 

Week of October 14, 2013

Sew the shaded 9 patch together
Clean the studio√ well more of it at least
Sew the bright and white 4 patch together
Load on Ruthie the baby quilt from June retreat√ and it’s quited!
Attend Women’s Club meeting
Attend Powhattan’s Festival of the Grape! Yum√ unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate. 

Week of October 21, 2013
Border bright and white 4 patch
Load and quilt Michelle’s Black and White
Trim and bind baby quilt from June retreat
Try lace applique on embroidery machine
Load bright and white 4 patch on Ruthie
Sew together pinwheel quilt
Sew up 3 pillowcases
Border Shaded 9 Patch

I've added a bit more to the goals list as I finished more than I listed this past week.  I still need to do some putting away and straightening in the studio but I think I'll do that as an ongoing event.  I've found my cutting table is getting crowded with leftover scraps of fabric and "stuff." 

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Happy Quilting. 


  1. Your nine patch blocks are great! I have not seen this before, but will put it into my memory banks. It's always good to see "checks" next to the to-do list items!

  2. How cool are your blocks - 9patch in disguise!
    Lately everybody is doing Medallion quilts - you could use your aqua block as center and go from there?

  3. I love those red white and blue blocks,

    Show a photo of the ruler. Not sure I know what it looks like.

    SueB in va

  4. Fun projects! The red, white and blue on is gorgeous.

  5. I haven't seen the nine-patch variation before, but I really like it.

  6. What a transformation -- from 9p to X! Funny thing, I recently made a list of "blocks in search of a setting." Those aren't quite works-in-progress or UFOs. I guess it's akin to making a cake from scratch (=the stash) vs. from a mix (=blocks). Just add a couple of ingredients (=setting) and bake (=quilt)! [A lot hangs on that word "just," however.]


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