Monday, February 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday 2-17-14

Snow is still on the ground but melting nicely.  I should have gotten a lot of quilting done but instead I goofed off and read and baked. We don't do much for Valentine's Day.  Pat was out singing Valentines for the Barbershop group of which he is a member.  I stayed home all day and baked his favorite rolled out sugar cookie.  Then I went wild and put a glaze on them and dipped them in colored sugars.  Way too much sugar for me but I love the taste of them.  He was happy to have them. 

I did spend one afternoon working on a machine embroidered sweatshirt for me.  I am so ready for spring to come that I thought this would be perfect to wear over the next few weeks. (One thing I marked off the goal list this past week.) Hum, I should have picked a different color for the "S" as it does seem to blend in with the shirt.  Ok, so I am awaiting "pring." It was about 100 minutes of sewing and then you add the color change.  No wonder it took all of one afternoon. 

Pat has been busy the past couple of weeks too.  He made this gorgeous oak quilt ladder for me. Left pic is the beginning of the ladder.  Right is the finished, empty ladder.  Below is the ladder in place with some quilts hanging on it. 

Hum, I think I need to add some brighter quilts to the rack.  The top one and the bottom one are QOVs waiting for me to figure out how to make a label on the embroidery machine.  Plus, I can't decide whether to enter the red, white and blue one in the Faithful Quilter's show this year.  Decisions, decisions.  I can only enter 5 and I've got 2 chosen already.  

Next up is the weekly goals.  I wasn't all that successful on getting things done this week.  But I did read about 4 books.  Nothing hard, just light entertaining fair including Janet Evanovich's newest Stephanie Plum book, Takedown Twenty. It was another entertaining romp through the life of a not so talented bounty hunter. 

Week of February 10, 2014
Continue working on 1st Christmas Favorites Block
Make more FCQ Equilters blocks & mail √ 1 more to finish
Make backing for Split 9 Patch oops
Work on A Tisket, A Tasket nope
Embroider lavender sweatshirt for me!
Cut & sew units for Mystery for Relay Quilt #?? It’s a UFO now. √ started on four patches
Make another pincushion for swap√ success

Week of February 17, 2014
Make backing for Split 9 Patch
Load Split 9 Patch and start quilting
Sew down first block of Christmas Favorites
Make a Valentine block from Small Quilt Talk Challenge
Decide on next BOM for Country Piecemakers.
Continue using Mystery for Relay as leader and ender
Make last FCQ Equilters block & mail
Buy white background fabric for Polka Dot Challenge Quilt
Make Febuary Color Challenge block -- PINK

It's time for me to head up to the studio.  Since Pat retired we work out at the Y first thing on Monday mornings.  He is a morning person and I am definitely a night owl.  He has to drag me out of bed wake me up on work out mornings.  We do our normal routine after getting back so I really don't get to writing this until 10 am or so.  (I know I could write this early and then schedule it to post but, honestly, that just isn't going to happen!) 

You know the drill. Click on over to Patchwork Times to visit more DWMs. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Your new quilt rack is beautiful!

  2. Now those look like some really sweet hearts!! Love your sweatshirt, I'm so ready for Spring too. Can't wait to see what you come up with for a label. I keep telling myself I need to make some labels on the embroidery machine. I think one time I even opened up the program, but didn't get very far. Why are labels so hard??? Oh look at that quilt rack, love it. My husband made one for me and I had that filled with quilts within minutes of deciding where it was going. Love it.

  3. I love rolled sugar cookies too much to make them for myself. I'd eat way too many!

    Your quilt ladder is beautiful and such a great way to display your handiwork.

  4. I LOVE your quilt ladder! This is the nicest one I have seen online. I am going to show it to Mr. Wonderful. I want one too!

  5. Your quilt rack is beautiful. What a nice piece to display yours and your husbands talents. Love your "Spring" embroidery. And I'll take a pink heart cookie please. :)

  6. Very pretty sugar cookies. My Mom makes the best and always sends some to Drama Teen for Valentines Day. It's always a highlight for DT. She even shared one with Mom. But she ate the rest.

  7. Love the sugar cookies picture, so festive! That quilt ladder is so beautifully made, good job, Pat! As for your disappearing letter "S", would it be possible to use some of that very dark forest green in the foliage to outline the S? Not sure it you can.


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