Monday, February 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday -- 2 - 3 - 2014

Did you hit a Super Bowl fabric sale?  I did.  And it was great fun and great bargains.  I had to be talked into going but with a week before the sale I was all excited.  And, I had some plans -- I wasn't going shopping without a list. 

First I needed to figure out some quilts or UFOs to focus on.  Well part of that was easy.  I had already decided that I would do an An Art to Heart Christmas Favorites quilt as my own block of the month.  I decided to look for a border fabric for it, some beard fabric, and maybe a stripe.  

Next up I picked a UFO. I won a set of 12" blocks of red and pink hearts on black backgrounds last year.  A while ago I had decided to use a book called Circle of Nines to figure out a setting.  Hum, I couldn't find the book at either Martingale's or C&T. Here's what I did find -- Quilting a Circle of Nine.  It is based on the same layout concept, but not the book I have.  Late Saturday night I was playing with the blocks and came up with two possible fabrics to use.  Here is fabric one.  It is "newspaper" bits with funny quilting events.  Ok, that might work. 
And layout number two. This is a darker picture when you realize how bad the fabric above looks.  The grey is a sueded look and it is leftover from Easy Street (which I haven't finished....) Does one appeal to you more than the other?  I just now thought I might like to see it with a red and white fabric I have in the stash.  Hum.  I really like the layout, I just need to figure out the fabric.  On to the list went fabric for a border or maybe a backing. 
Then I pulled out the 8 blocks I have finished of the A Tisket, A Tasket from Bunny Hill's bom in 2009.  (Nobody can accuse me of rushing through things!) I had gotten 6 pinks from Pink Castle in their monthly Short Stack mailing last year.  I plowed through all my pinks and came up with one that I think is perfect. The picture is fuzzy but the fabric I chose was perfect.  Then I decided I need either a small inner border or a final border in green or maybe a blue.  So that idea went on my shopping list.  By now it was way past my bedtime and was time to quit coming up with stuff to shop for!

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon where I joined Kay and Jane for lunch and then on to shopping.  We hit Rose's Quilt Patch in Crewe, Virginia close to opening time. Once I got the lay of the quilt shop I was grabbing bolts and fat quarters. I found a great green for A Tisket, A Tasket. A possible border for the hearts, a border for the Christmas quilt along with beard fabric. Then I threw in a white on white stars fabric. I don't know about you but I can always use white on white. There was a line to have your fabric cut and a line to pay but we had a great time. And, perhaps the best thing is I stuck to my list.  Of course, I will need to finish a quilt in February to keep my fabric used bigger than my fabric bought! 

Here's the goals from last week which are mostly checked off. Good week. 
Week of January 27, 2014
Finish borders on Split 9 Patch -- one is on, one is cut and pinned
Quilt brown and blue quilt
Make and put binding on stain glass quilt√ done
Write a shopping list for Sunday’s quilt shopping expedition and go shopping!
Embroider shirts for Sophie and Natalie nope Dumb.  Some how this was duplicated last week. 
Finish & mail Valentine T Shirts for Natalie & Sophie
Get hair cut
And this week's plans: 
Week of February 3, 2014
Finish & mail hearts for Quiltville Hearts group
Make block for CP bom lottery
Make first Christmas Favorites bom
Work on A Tisket, A Tasket
Mail Valentine T Shirts for Natalie & Sophie
Make & mail FCQ Equilters blocks
Finish borders on Split 9 Patch
Make backing for Split 9 Patch

And, I leave you with a photo that came into my email box this weekend. 
Ellie wearing her Valentine shirt that I embroidered.
Make sure you visit Patchwork Times to see what folks are showing on their design walls today.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I can never stick with my list when shopping for fabric.

  2. Since you are kindly accepting suggestions, I like the newspaper print fabric. It has bits of red in it which coordinates with red hearts. In my humble opinion, this fabric has more life than the gray. I have always liked heart quilts and one is on my ever-growing bucket list.

  3. Wow, you are one busy quilter/sewer! I only wish I would have done the Tisket Tasket quilt so I could finish it!! It's still on my quilts bucket list!
    And what a precious girl, just wanna pinch those cheeks!!!

  4. gorgeous blocks you have there! I love the newsprint fabric for the hears. And I am going to read the quilting a circle of nines, that lay out is so cool. I get stuck sometimes in the layout part. The baby is so precious!!!!

  5. Sounds like a great shopping expedition and you stayed on task. That's my downfall, staying on task.

    For your quilt of hearts I'd go with a red print on a black background. Then the hearts would float over the background.

  6. I love your circle of nine. Your bunny hill baskets are adorable. Hugs

  7. Love your Valentine quilt! And that little girl is absolutely adorable :).


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