Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stashbusting Report -- January

It was a great month for fabric usage.  I finished a UFO and the wallhanging I started in a class at the beginning of the month.  Here are the final results for the month.

Fabric In Month
Fabric in Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

I've decided to participate in SOScrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014.  I've seen folks blogging about this annual challenge for what seemed like years.  So, I decided at the beginning of January to actually jump in.  Except, I didn't get to it until January 31 about 4pm.  Talk about last minute!  I'm not planning on making tons of blocks in a particular color.  I'm thinking more like one block each month.  

I started looking on Quilter's Cache for a block that I could make in all the different colors.  I didn't look all that far before I came to Annie's Choice. Ok that will work, but wait, there's more. I also thought this would be a great chance to try out my Sizzix Big Shot and the triangle die.  I rewrote the directions to come out at 8" finished so I could use the 2" finished triangle die.  It worked really well cutting up to 4 pieces of fabric at a time.  I was using 2.5" strips so I didn't pile on the up to 8 fabrics I should be able to cut with the device.  Here's some pics: 
What you are looking at is the cutting plate (clear), the die (black), the fabric (white) and the top cutting plate.  You can see the impressions left from cutting hearts for my Valentine's day cards. 
You put the "sandwich" on the machine platform until it can be cranked through. The machine is pretty darn heavy (which is why I bought it with Amazon Prime rather than a different retailer.) Once the die engages you put one hand on the top to stabilize and the other cranks. Voila! You have triangles -- see them to the right back of the Big Shot?  And, there is a pink heart there too.  One reason I got the Big Shot rather than the Accu Cutter Go is the ability to use it to emboss paper, cut paper and cut fabric.  And, I have to say, it worked great. I will warn you if you are interested in it, this half triangle die is labeled 2.5" finished size and it isn't.  I'm not sure if all the quilting dies are labeled wrong, at least from a quilters standpoint but it is something to think about.  

Annie's Choice 8" fin. 
I just checked at SOS Scrappy and February's color is Pink.  Fun as I know I have some great pinks I can use.  I have set aside a half yard or so of my background fabric.  I thought it might unify the blocks using one background.  Hum, can I get the next block done before the last day of February?  I sure hope so.  

You can visit other color challenge blogs by going to SOS Scrappy.  I'll be linking to it also.  Hum, how do folks have pink already done when she just announced it?  Pretty speedy folks.

I have a fairly long list of things to get done today and most of them are quilting.  Now I can mark off post a blog!  

Happy Quilting All. 


  1. She changed her background color on her blog Monday or Tuesday. That let's you know the color a little early=). Love your block choice. It is going to look great in your finished quilt.

  2. It's a nice idea to do one block a month; I guess you're not aiming for a double bed size! Thanks for the information on the cutting equipment. I wondered how those things worked because I've never actually seen one.

  3. I am also doing one block a month. They measure 18" unfinished.
    I have a big shot too. Might look at getting a quilting die

  4. Love that you can use the same die for paper and fabric. Die cutters sure do make using scraps much easier.

  5. I like this block, too. I'm going to enjoy watching you make in each color.
    Beautiful quilt pictured in your header!!!

  6. Just catching up on RSC posts. Cute block. I think that will make a gorgeous rainbow quilt. Seems like the die cutter would be more work than rotary cutting. Pretty cool that you can use it on paper and fabric. I used to do a lot of scrapbooking and need to get back to using up some of that stash!

  7. You picked a great block for the RSC challenge, it's going to be a very colorful quilt when you are finished.


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