Monday, August 11, 2014

Design Wall Monday 8-11-2014

Travel time took away from quilting this past week but it sure was fun to see the grands! 

Here's what has been worked on -- I fixed the block I showed here.  I've sewn blocks from 5 rows together.  I hope to start sewing the top 4 or 5 rows together today as I don't have room to add the last 3 rows.  Sad part is I've cut all the pieces to finish the inside and I've run out of the background.  I need to make an effort to find more as there is not enough left to finish the last row.  Plus I'm hoping to find some more of the blue star points and some of the burgundy or something in that color for the borders.  The print fabric is ancient.  The burgundy is actually an old Moda Marbles so I'm hoping I can find some of that but who knows whether it will match or not. The background I got at a local store so I might have some luck. The blue is a newly purchased fabric also. 
Once this is as far as I can get it I'll start on the dresden baskets.  I did fix the baskets up to see if I would like the orange as the sashing.  It does work well and I have enough of that fabric to do it. 
And here's a close up

I have been working on a few more rows for the Row by Row but no pictures yet.  I've got three done and a fourth one started. 

Here are the goals: 
Week of August 4, 2014
Finish making star blocks from mystery
Bind the three yards, 3 baby quilts
Keep working on row by rows
Birthday party for the grands!
Work on disappearing stars
Dresden Baskets – time to sash
Explore sashing for A Tisket, A Tasket

And this week I'll be working on -- 
Week of August 11, 2014
Sew blocks into rows from mystery
Finish binding on 3 baby quilts
Add border top and bottom to small heart quilt
Keep working on row by rows
Sash Dresden baskets
Work on new Christmas Favorites block or sash A Tisket, A Tasket 

And here's why we went a traveling this past week. Natalie and Sophia had a birthday party at the Train Room in a local park. Natalie can sure eat a lot of pizza for being only two!
Sophie likes the construction worker dress-up her Nana gave her. 

We stayed with Ellie so I got some new pictures of her.  Here is a new selfie from us. Yikes I look like my Grandma Rowe.

Take a look at Patchwork Times to see design walls across the Internet.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Grandma Time is the best - quilting can wait; little ones can't.

    I love the hourglass blocks with the stars. I'm trying to decide what do do with some scrappy 36-patch blocks. Any ideas?

  2. Your grands are adorable. I sure hope you can find some more background.... that top is going to be beautiful. And the orange sashing looks great!!

  3. Your grandchildren are beautiful. Love the orange sashing with the black corner squares! But since that was my suggestion.....I wish I could solve my own fabric dilemmas as easily as I solve them for others. Love the hour glass/stars as well.

  4. I love the hourglass blocks with the star blocks. I need to remember this!

  5. Hope you can find the fabric you need for those stars, it's looking good.

    Those little ones are all cuties. Glad you go to spend some time with them.

  6. Great projects and grandchildren! Love those baskets!


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