Monday, August 4, 2014

Design Wall Monday 8-4-2014

First up, thanks to everyone who added a comment about the Dresden plate baskets last week.  I have some great ideas to audition and then finish the top. But I had a fairly lazy week quilting-wise so you won't be seeing a finished top  this week.  I had two ebooks I had reserved become available and the next day a paperback from my local library became available.  So, I spent a lot of my time reading.  But I still made some progress on several of my projects. 

The design wall looks pretty much the same -- dresden baskets and the stars from the mystery quilt take up most of the room.  So today I took a picture of the progress I made on Capital Quilts' row by row pattern.  The design is striking with the US Capital, the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial.  

I am still enamored of it despite it being a really fiddly block to make.  You have to make templates, yes, I said templates.  The only template plastic I could find in the studio was non-melt mylar for appliqué.  So I have these great non-melting templates for a pieced block.  Oh well.  They took a bit of time but I'm so happy they turned out so well.   Hum, the top of the Washington Monument didn't come out right.  I'll have to fix that before I adhere it and stitch.  I cut  the silhouettes with my rotary cutter, an exacto blade and small sharp scissors.    I hope to finish this row today and start on another one.  

Here's a quick photo of one of the 3 yards, 3 baby quilts.  I bought 3 yards of one of the front fabrics for the backing.  I loaded it up on Ruthie so I could quilt all three at the same time.  Talk about time saver!  This picture is before quilting and the color is way off.  Once I get the binding on and we have a sunny day I'll get some out door pictures.  I learned several things the most important is don't use directional  fabric with this quilt!  The red fabric was also the backing fabric.  I had to load the quilts sideways on Ruthie which works fine for the most part on the back but I don't like it as well on the front.  I'm sure these charity quilts will be well loved anyway.  I've already found several smaller pieces of fabric that I can use this same concept with but not make 3 at a time.  I have almost no 1 yard pieces.  I tend to buy 1/2 yards. By the way the color is way off on this picture.  

Despite reading a lot, I got most everything on my to do list checked off.  Here's last weeks goals list.
Week of July 28, 2014
Shop Hopping!
Bind the charity quilt
Finish making star blocks from mystery√ except I have several left to make
Make the 3 yards, 3 baby quilts√ and they are quilted!
Tea Group and Alumni Event
Decide and work on Dresden Baskets hum, haven’t made a final decision but I have some great ideas
Work on next row by row block/s

Find and work on the Disappearing Star blocks √ found but haven’t done anything to them yet.

Week of August 4, 2014
Finish making star blocks from mystery
Bind the three yards, 3 baby quilts
Keep working on row by rows
Birthday party for the grands!
Work on disappearing stars
Dresden Baskets – time to sash
Explore sashing for A Tisket, A Tasket

I don't have much else to do this week so I should be able to get most of these items checked off. 

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times.  Hopefully I don't spend hours visiting all sorts of Design Walls this morning.  I do go check many out throughout the week.  There are always so many good ideas to spark my creativity.  

Happy Quilting All. 


  1. Yay! for check marks on lists! You did get a lot accomplished. Looking forward to seeing your dresden baskets.

  2. Great Row by Row accomplishment! The background fabric for the memorials is perfect. Nice job!

  3. Progress! May the momentum from last week propel you this week!

  4. I have the same row by row from Capitol Quilts, but haven't started it yet - it does look really nice! I have been a fan of the three one-yard baby quilts for many years and have made a ton of them for baby gifts - they are quick and easy, but make a great gift.

  5. Those capital blocks are beautiful. I bet they are fiddly, but you did a great job with them.


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