Monday, September 29, 2014

Design Wall Monday 9-29-2014


We interrupt this Design Wall Monday to bring you this news bulletin.  Bonnie is going on retreat this Thursday.  We now return you to your regular Design Wall Monday post. 

Yep, I'm excited about going on retreat.  I have three days to get myself totally organized and packed.  Thursday morning I will be heading out.  Some of the highlights include being able to see my friends Sharon and Mary Beth from Maryland. Generally I keep my nose to the stitching grindstone so I usually get a bunch of stuff done.  And, I so enjoy girlfriend time with quilters.  

In an effort to be ready by Thursday, I brought my three wild dog patterns down to the beach to get prepped for sewing.  One got done completely.  The other two need a few more items prepared before I can fuse them to their backgrounds.  But, then I had a shock.  How do you transport a block flat, in a truck with two dogs and not a whole lot of room.  I thought my solution was brilliant! 
Block laid flat on pressing/cutting board wrapped up with plastic wrap. Hey, it worked really well! 
Dorothy, Kay and I went to the Hatched in Africa trunk show.  Wow!  They have beautiful designs and wonderful ideas of where to put there designs.  I have to admit I walked away with an 3 set special of beautiful flowers.  I even have a plan as to where I'm going to use at least one of the designs.  Now to find time to do it.  

These are the same gals I got into so much trouble with over the summer while we were shop hopping for the row by row experience.  (I have 6 rows mostly done.) Hey, Dorothy, did you save a piece of candy for me?  Kay's pouring over the design book trying to decide what to buy. 

I also found my plastic canvas.  Dorothy has ideas for it so I'll let you know what we decide to do with it.  I'm thinking it might make a great front to a beach bag.  Dorothy thinks we should try embroidering on it.  

My goals got accomplished last week for the most part. But, I admit to planning easier goals so I could get them done. 

Week of September 22, 2014
Attend Hatched In Africa trunk Show & lunch w/friends
Lunch out Wednesday w/ woman’s club friends
Trip to Nags Head and the beach
Knit on sock
Load Sailboat Quilt on Ruthie
Prep last 3 wild dog blocks √ one is all ready 2 just need assorted parts
Prep new quilt √ scraps prepped.  Need to cut background

Week of September 22, 2014
Hair cut
Prep last 2 wild dogs
Cut background for new scrap quilt
Cut blocks for Christmas favorites
Attend Country Piecemakers Retreat!!
Get to Amish store to buy licorice and glass chimney for candle sticks
Visit Patchwork Plus

I haven't decided on which projects to bring.  The three that are definitely going are the Wild Dogs, Christmas Favorites and the new scrap quilt to be used as leader/enders.  I will definitely bring about 5 projects as I like to be able to do different things if I get bored.  

That's it for now. Catch other design walls by visiting at Patchwork Times.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Where do you go for the retreat? I know you'll have a great time.

  2. Have a fabulous time at the retreat!! Sounds like great fun :)

  3. What a clever way to transport your block!

    Have fun at the retreat.

  4. Have a great time, enjoy the friends, get something done! There, that's all you need to do ... oh yeah, probably eat! 8-))

  5. Gosh you got a lot done. Creative solution to your problem. Have fun!


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