Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday is the New Monday

I had every intention to post last Friday and if I missed that, definitely Design Wall Monday.  If you are here now you know I missed both of those days.  We were driving, and driving, and driving some more.  Of course, a few quilt shops were visited also.  

We drove from the Richmond, VA area to the Marquette, MI area to attend the ordination of our niece, Ann.  She has a call to a church and it was time to make her a full-fledged pastor after 4 years in seminary.  It took two and a half days to get up to Marquette.  We were able to visit our good friends, the Makis, in Tecumseh, MI (and a stop at a great quilt store!)  And then a long drive up to almost Canada.   Unfortunately, we took our weather with us.  It was in the upper 80's with lots of humidity the day Ann was ordained.  Pat and I, his sister Shirely (Ann's mom), and our great niece Kelly did a couple of songs during the service.  I didn't get many pictures but here's one of Ann and Shirley after the big event.  It's hard to see but Shirley made Ann's stole.  The story behind it is they had shopped for fabric for a couple of stoles a while ago.  Ann knew her mom was making her a stole, just not this one.  Shirley added at least one quilt block and several Christian symbols.  Ann was amazed and thrilled with it.  I wish I'd gotten a better picture of it as I have made a few also.  But this one really spoke to me. 

When we got to Marquette, Shirley greeted me with kits for two different stores participating in the Row by Row Experience.  What a great gift!  I understand Ann has two for me but with all the hustle and bustle going on the exchange didn't take place.  Maybe I'll be surprised to find a package on my doorstep some day.  Unfortunately, these fired me up to stop at a "few" quilt stores on the way home. 

I spent a bit of time finding pictures of the rows offered by shops that were along our route and only picked ones I really liked.  Pat was more than willing to stop for me so we hit 3 on Monday and 3 on Tuesday.   The Water theme was shown in all sorts of different ways.  Quilt Trends is in Columbus, Ohio. Don't you love that yellow submarine? 
Here are some of the patterns/kits I picked up.  This year I tended to pick up kits more than last year.   Some I'll make, some I won't but these rows are a fun reminder of a great trip.  

I really like the vertical lighthouse.  And, here's where I got that great pattern.  Bonnie's Favorite Fabrics is in Bay City, MI.  You can see why I had to take a picture at the sign! 

I'll leave you with a look at Wienerlicious.  It's right before you get to the Mackinac Bridge to go to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  No, we didn't go. 

Here's how I did on my goal list for last week:
Week of July 6, 2015
Plan border on Trip Around the World Quilt√
Work on a knitting project√
Finish quilting Quatrefoil table runner√
Drive to northern Michigan for Anne’s Ordination√
Visit some quilt shops along the way√

This is what I hope to work on for this shortened week:
Week of July 13, 2015
Pick and begin sewing a 2014 Row by Row (I think I still need 2 rows to finish.)
Put together the triangle blocks
Work on the cross stitch a bit
Decide on pattern for quilting Trip Around the World and start if possible

I'm going to link up with Needle and Thread Thursday at My Quilt Infatuation.  

That's it for me today.  I'll try to post again soon to show the finished Wild Dogs Quilt. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Congratulations to your niece. Your sister must be very proud.

    Love the row by row kits you found. They would make fun wall hangings or runners.

  2. Congratulations to your niece! Sounds as though the entire trip went well. Many quilters are doing the row by row trip -- a fun promotion!

  3. You nearly drove by my house! I live in Saginaw. Looks like a lovely trip. And you hit all your goals!

  4. Congratulations to Ann! Looks like a long trip, but I'm sure the quilting shops kept things interesting.

  5. Very nice and interesting post. I really enjoy reading this post.


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