Monday, August 24, 2015

Design Wall Monday 8 - 24 -2015

After finishing my trip around the world quilt I gave myself permission to start a new quilt.  I had put several fabrics together on one of my desks several weeks ago thinking they would make a great baby quilt for donation to the NICU.  Janet, our NICU contact and quilting buddy, says that there are more boys admitted to the NICU than girls.  Something around 4 boys for every girl.  So I always try to make quilts that would be appropriate for boys.   Here's what I made this week. 
The block is called Bright Beginnings and has a partial seam to start it.  The best part is all of it came from my stash.  The bear soccer fabric was purchased with a donation quilt in mind.  The rest was leftovers from other projects. 
It came from More Quilts for Baby: Easy as ABC by Ursula Reikes.  I've made many, many quilts from this book and the other two by Ursula: Quilts for Baby: Easy as ABC and Even More Quilts for Baby: Easy as ABC. I know I bought the first one in 1994 or so when I was working in a quilt store. I added the other two as they came out.  These were my go-to recommendations when someone came into the store wanting to make a baby quilt. The designs are cute, quick and easy.  All three are still sold today, although Quilts for Baby is the only one sold as a paper copy, the other two are offered as E-Books.  The nifty part about the quilts is that each design can be made bigger and doesn't have to be a baby quilt.  It's the fabric choices that make the end results a perfect baby quilt.  

I think I'm going to go through each book and make one of each design.  I know I've made many of them through the years but this will be more deliberate. I'll keep you posted. 

I did great on the goals last week:
Week of August 17, 2015
Finish quilting Trip Around the World quilt (TAW)
Continue working on Talking Turkey and 2014 Row x Row
Embroidery Day at Dorothy’s√ except we pieced instead of embroidering
Make the binding for TAW √ and it is done!!! Whoot!

And for this coming week: 
Week of August 24, 2015
Finish piecing 2014 Row by Row
Load and quilt donation quilt
Load and quilt Dorothy’s R, W, and Blue quilt
Mail blocks to Joan/FCQEquilter
Make backing for soccer quilt

I'm linking up with Main Crush Monday, Monday Makings and Design Wall Monday.  Take a look at what others are doing this week. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Such a cute baby boy quilt! Baby quilts are so much fun to make. I'm going to have to get out a couple of my books now. Now who is the enabler? :)

  2. An adorable quilt and I love the idea of donating to the NICU. Those little donations were a true blessing when my daughter was in there. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Almost all the hats I knit for baby's are boy-friendly, as there are more boy births here than girl.

    Love the little quilt and the bright colors.

  4. I have two sons so I tend towards making quilts for boys. I'm sure your quilt will be well loved.


  5. Great fabric choices for a boy. Congrats on a finish from the stash.


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