Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sometimes It All Comes Together

The long arm quilters in my guild, Country Piecemakers, have agreed to quilt small donation quilts for $5. a quilt.  I like doing these small, fast little quilts.  I get to try designs I haven't used before or thread or... you get the idea.  They are fast and fun to my thinking.  Dorothy gave me this darling little quilt to do for her at the last meeting.  Everything came together beautifully.  
I picked a design called Inkblot Flowers.  I used Omni thread that was a sage green. (Honestly, I never would have picked a contrasting thread if I was doing this as hand guided.) I believe the batting is Quilters Dream Poly.  I was so tickled with it I sent Dorothy a text with a picture (in fact, the picture above) when I first started it.  She liked it too.
Finished, ready to return to Dorothy and let her finish it off.  And the back... The picture is a little dark but I love the definition this combo has given the quilt.  

Next up on Ruthie is my little Soccer Bears quilt. I'm not sure what batting I will use on it.  It depends what I have in the leftover batting tote.  The front is really busy so I doubt I'll get this definition but the back is a lightly mottled cream so maybe the back will look like this.  Check back in the next few days to see what happens.  Of course, I need to decide on the design before this can get going!

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday. Take a look what others are working on now.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. It's a darling little quilt and will make someone very happy.

    I love the idea of your guild members getting a break on quilting small donation quilts. Kudos to you and the other longarmers for this service.

  2. The quilting looks great, I really like those ink blot flowers, very cool. The contrasting thread really makes the quilt.


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