Thursday, June 2, 2016

OMG! and Stashbusting

First stash busting building is going on over here. GASP!  I did not buy one piece of fabric this month and yet the stash grows.  I received 1.75 yards of fabric as fat quarters -- some from the recent retreat and some from an FCQ E Quilter sharing!  And, I only had one measly finish that half the blocks were from the E Quilters group.  Sigh. 

Fabric In Month
Fabric in Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year


Next up is my OMG (One Monthly Goal) report for May.  You might have guessed I missed my goal.  Sigh again.  After 4 straight months of success I just don't have sewing time right now.  So my lovely batik quilt is going back into the UFO storage bin until after the move.  It is definitely much farther along than it was so that is great.  

My OMG for June is going to be very small, I am stealing time for sewing from working on going through things to clear out before the move.  So, I am planning on quilting and binding the quilt I put together at the end of the retreat.  The turquoise fabric to the back left is all ready to load on Ruthie.  Hum, blue next to the purple in the top row is actually more turquoise.  For some reason it looks more cadet blue in this picture.  (Hey, what do I expect when I take pictures at night???) 

I'm linking up with Red Letter Quilts, Can I get a Whoop Whoop?, Let's Be Social, and Needle and Thread Thursday. (Some of these are not "live" yet so I'll come back tomorrow morning to link with them.)   Take some time to hop over to these linky parties to see what folks are doing this week.  

On a more personal note every thing is coming along nicely for the move.  We are selling unwanted things hand over foot.  The new house is smaller on the main living floor.  The finished basement will be great for a new studio but won't have an office for Pat although that may be in the future plans as there is an unfinished room that could be finished.  I've gone through the 2 extra bedrooms (closets and dressers) and have pretty much cleaned out what we don't want.  I've stashed quilts or bedding in the dresser drawers.  (AGH -- I haven't even made a dent in storing all the quilts.) Tomorrow I go back to clearing out and dropping things off at Goodwill. Packing starts on the 23 of this month. (Double AGH!) 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Sorting and packing are the most tedious parts of moving. It sounds like you've got that under control.

    Love the quilt (is that the Dottie pattern?) that is on Ruthie and ready to be quilted. The colors are bright and vibrant.

  2. Moving is just one of those all consuming things. But you'll feel so much better knowing that you've cleared out some things before you get into the new house. Good luck with your June OMG.

  3. I love the quilt you are getting ready to quilt. It sparkles. Hugs


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