Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Meandering 10 - 31 - 2016

Here's what I finished this past week.  There wasn't much to finish but the top is now done. (Quilting will happen??? Sometime but I don't know when.) 

This is a design from Accuquilt. I changed the colors just a little.  You can read about it here.  Next up is deciding how to quilt this.  I still need to figure out the binding and backing.  It won't be finished really soon but it will be finished for spring! 

On to my goals for this past week.  A lot got done but not everything.  

Oct 24 2016
Enjoy playing with Theo
Sew the flower quilt together
Check all the Christmas Favorites blocks and add what is needed; sew them together oops, still need to stitch down the extras and sew this together
Knit on the second red sock
Get back to the Stack ‘N Whack top

And next week's goals:
Oct 31, 2016
Do the hand embroidery on Christmas Favorites
Put the last few items on the CF blocks
Knit on the second red sock
Find a small quilt to quilt on Ruthie
Work on Stack N Whack

You can be inspired by visiting Monday linky parties at Monday Making and Main Crush Monday. Take a look at what's going on in quilting blogs around the world. 

Here's a picture of Sophie when she tried to photo bomb my picture of Ellie eating her cake.  I snapped this cute picture of her. She's growing up.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 



  1. I love that quilt on the fence rail. It looks stunning with tree. Your new quilt top is very colorful with the flying geese. Love those.

  2. My goodness, Sophie has, indeed, grown up.

    Good luck on accomplishing your weekly goals.

  3. Ha ha - what a cute photo bomb!! your quilt is really cute!! Go quilt it ( hee hee hee)

  4. A perfect quilt for the spring. Love the colors you used. Congrats on getting it to the finished flimsy stage.

  5. Your quilt turned out very beautiful. Can't wait to see the finish!

  6. Your quilt top is beautiful! And congratulations on finishing up those October goals!


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