Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Meanderings 5 - 8 - 2017

Another week zoomed by!  On the other hand, for 5 days I had my nose to the grindstone to finish off my bunny quilt in time to take it to Country Piecemaker's guild meeting at the end of the week.  Except, um, er, the meeting is this coming Saturday. 

So I took a break and continued to get my projects ready for retreat next week.  Here's one I'll be working on.  The first one is Sharon's.  She is way ahead of me in getting ready.  But she works almost full time out of the house and only has the weekends to prep.

She's making hers at 2/3rds size because it will fit where she wants to hang it better.  I'm making mine at the given size.  This is from the pattern Calendar Quils by Kim Schaefer.  
Here are my fabric picks.  The bottom row of greens is the border.  The yellows, pink/purple and oranges are the flowers while the three greens with the flower colors would be the stem and leaves.  Question: Should I change the pink/purple flower to a red or rust color? (Sharon pretty much followed the color suggestions in the photo.) I want this to look bright and springy so it may make some sense to leave the pink with purple in.  Would it help if I made the orangy colors into blues?  It would be the center flower.  Yeah, I'm indecisive for some reason. 

Somewhere, out of the picture I have the center squares for the background. I still need the bee, ladybug and butterfly.  Luckily all the designs have been traced onto paper backed adhesive.  Hopefully today I'll get them cut out so I can start ironing it on the fabric and then cut them out again.  

On to my goals this past week.  I nailed them with the exception of knitting.
May 1, 2017
Make the bunny wall hanging√ hand stitching the binding down is left
Continue cutting fabric from Sharon
Make some more zippered pouches
Knit on Jenny’s scarf nope, didn’t do it    

And this week I'll be focusing on: 
May 8, 2017
Make 2 more pouches
Finish binding on bunny wall hanging
Cut more fabric for Stunning Stars (Sharon's fabric & mine as needed)
Choose fabric for “May” wallhanging, fuse and cut
Knit on Jenny’s scarf

That's it for me.  Don't forget to check out these linky parties where I'll be connecting:  Monday Making, Moving It Forward and Main Crush Monday. (It will be posted tomorrow so come back!)  Take the time to see what's happening around the internet. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 



  1. I like the colors you show - what size is this - cute!

  2. Love your calendar quilt--perfect for this time of year!

  3. What a bright and cheerful pattern! (Another retreat? Didn't you just come back from one?)

  4. I think the pink would be more "springy," but I like all the fabrics.

  5. What a fun little quilt you have to work on at your retreat.


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