Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Top is Done!

Here is my Trip Around the World from the 12 Days of Christmas Quilt Along. (You can find the beginning of the instructions at Confessionals of a Fabric Addict. Then just check her Blog Archive for July to see the rest of the instructions.  You will need to scroll to the bottom of each post to find the directions.)

I was able to pull all of the fabric from my stash.  And, quite a few were old pieces that needed to be used.  I was lucky to find a group of fabrics that worked well together. 

Can I just say how happy I am with this top? I really like how well the fabric created the darks and lights.  I'm thrilled I used up some very old fabrics. I even have one or two quilting designs I could use that will make it look even more Christmasy. I will need to find a backing for this one. Nothing in my stash will work. I'll probably do that next month when I'll be up in Lancaster county again. 

Did you enjoy your Eclipse watching?  I had a great time with some friends.  We shared my pair of glasses and we were all wowed by it.  Our area had about 85% cover but it was so amazing.  

Today I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and Midweek Makers.  Spend some time browsing through the blogs posted.  You will get so much inspiration!  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Your fabric selection made this top a real beauty!

  2. Wow! That is one lovely quilt - thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Beautiful! Congrats on a stunning quilt. Even better you used up older stash.

  4. It's awesome! Great job getting the contrast so good, so the rings "around the world" really stand out.


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