Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Meanderings -- OMG December 12 - 4 - 2017

Even December seems to be streaming past me too fast!  I usually blog early Monday morning or late Sunday evening.  Not this week.  It's almost time for dinner on Monday and I'm just getting around to it.  Anyway, my blog this week is all about the December One Monthly Goal. 

I'm picking, what I hope will be, an easy goal for me to achieve.  I've got so much going on over the month that I'm hoping I'll have time to finish two small hand appliqué blocks.  (and one is about half done!) These are the two blocks -- front and back as I am doing needle turn appliqué on them.  The bird and the branch one is well started.  The pears and apples I've done a little bit of the big basting stitches around the two pears.  (sorry, no picture of the aren't missing much.)
Back, showing what the bird will actually look like.
Apples and pears, just two pears basted on.
We'll see how successful I am when January rolls around again. 

Here are my goal results for last week. 
November 27, 2017
Start Christmas cards√
Wrap presents√ started
Finish the baby doll outfit and shirt for AG doll.√
Make matching jewelry for Natalie and her doll√
Sing first full concert!√ 

And for this coming week!  Yikes lots of things taking me away from my quilting and piecing.
December 4, 2017
Embroider 2 more shirts for grands
Finish and mail cards
Sing 2 concerts
Wrap more presents

I'm linking up with my normal parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Makings, Main Crush Monday, Moving It Forward and One Monthly Goal December Link Up. Take a few minutes to see what folks are getting done this month. 

I'm off to get dinner and get ready for the last rehearsal before the weekend concerts. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie


  1. This is a busy month, but I'm sure you'll make progress on your To Do list. I finally got an embroidery machine Bonnie, and I've had so much fun playing with it these last few days. I keep thinking about all the tops you do for your grandbabies. I don't have grands, but my sis does and so they are mine by default. LOL I can't wait to make them some sweet shirts. You're my inspiration!

  2. Good luck with your OMG this month. December does get so crazy, it's hard to keep up with the normal stuff when we've got all the holiday stuff to do too.

  3. Very pretty blocks! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  4. Your plate is definitely full - December is a busy month.

    Appliqué has always intimidated me. Looks like you've got a good start on the two blocks so you can pick them up anytime and work for a bit wherever you are.


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